May 052013

My cunning plan to downsize into another boat has gone to the bottom faster than the Titanic.  I won’t be getting rid of the current vessel anytime soon it looks like.  Admittedly, there were just too many variables to make it all happen, but the bottom line is I was trying to do this from a position of weakness, in other words, no money, rather than from strength.  And I knew from experience, because it has happened so many times in the past, when you try to make something happen and you need to rely on other people to help you make it happen, rather than doing it all yourself, that is when people become the most unreliable.

The guy I bought the boat off of originally indicated an interest in buying it back to either rent or sell to somebody else.  I ‘splained what I needed to do in order to get the other boat and he seemed amiable to the whole deal.  But at the last minute of course, he backed out.  I pretty much expected that he would so I made sure I had not made any commitment to go and see the other boat and make an offer on it, should it be what I wanted.  So in regards to me losing anything financially out of pocket, that didn’t happen.  But it just reinforces my long held opinion that you cannot rely on anyone but yourself to make anything happen in life.  It’s why I live alone.  It’s why I am building a business that I can run myself with minimal customer contact, and it’s why I should never try to do something like this without the means to make it happen on my own.

It’s not the end of the world or anything like that.  The boat I’m on now works fine for living quarters.  Cheap and roomy enough.  But it still needs stuff. Stuff that will make it sailable again.  I’m just not too keen on dropping the money to do that.  The other boat I lusted after was a brand I like a lot, ODay, and a model that is set up like I want.  Smaller, 22 foot, easy to handle and sail, still sufficient room inside, and can be moved around with a simple little outboard or even a trolling motor.  I had visions of setting it up to be the way I wanted:  simple electrics using just a solar panel, pretty much self sufficient other than bringing on food and water and pumping out waste.  I can do the same thing on the boat I am currently on, but I’m just not sure how much I like this boat.  It’s ok, but not what I want.  Guess I just want something different.

Well, one other thing I’ve learned, there are always deals on boats out there.  They come up all the time.  So when you miss out on one, rest assured there will be another right around the next bend.  I will sit back and bide my time and try to put some money away so when the next deal appears, I can do it from a position of strength, and on my own.

Capt. Fritter

  One Response to “Living Aboard: No New Boat This Time…”

  1. darn. now i feel like a wimmin. just add me to the list. we jinx stuff.
    but then again.
    i believe in synchronicity. or… when the time is right it will happen. and you’re right. when things are going to happen they do. without anything being a ‘forced’ feeling.
    sorry capt.
    i still like the fritter though. it’s serving a purpose right now. give it some boat love. a fresh coat of white paint in the cabin? white paint just does wonders!
    but then where would the kitties be while the paint dried? oh the perils of paradise. sigh.
    bear hug. whether you want it or not.