May 212013

There hasn’t been much new news regarding how Paul Labombard, (That is Pritam Singh’s real name.  I don’t have much use for people who go and join some mystic eastern religious cult and then change their given name to some bullshit phrase that means peace and love.  He is still a selfish, conniving, greedy developer who will uproot and destroy lives and the environment just to turn a buck.  Wonder how all that fits in with his little religion?).  Anyways, none of the residents seem to know anything and there doesn’t appear to be any panic on their part.  I did hear Labombard came to an owners meeting and promised all sorts of free stuff if they would just throw out the live aboards.  So, I have been working on finding options for the future.

The timeline is my biggest concern.  When will the feces strike the air movement device?  I have an email in to my landlords who are somewhere on the road back to Canada to get some clarity.  They like me cause I pay the rent on time which can work in my favor for a little while.  But they are not the owners of the slip, they just handle the details and take care of it for the owner.  So if the owner gets wind that more money can be had by going with what ever nefarious plans the new owner comes up with, my ass will be gone.

I did find a couple slips nearby at the other marina that I like.  They will cost me about $200 more a month in rent and additional costs, and they want my boat to have a motor.  In addition I would probably need to do some serious upgrades including dropping about a $1000 on a bottom job.  Things I would rather not do to this particular boat.  It’s been a nice little vessel to live on, but I don’t like it over all.  So, as for options:

I’ve found two boats for sale, one here in Key West and one in Key Largo that I like.  Both will need some work although the one here in Key West will need less.  But it is also more expensive.  My ideal situation would be to somehow come up with the cash to buy either boat, put it on the hard and do the work needed to get it ready while getting the old boat ready to sell.  Then sell the old boat, move the new boat into the current slip, and wait and see what comes down.  Or go ahead and grab one of the slips at the other marina and move out, be done with all the bullshit, and continue on.  The only flaw in this cunning plan is the lack of funds needed to purchase one of the boats and do the work.

I also found someone wanting to trade out an older Ford van class b conversion for a sailboat.  I’ve seen the van from the outside and it looks to be about the same condition as my boat.  I could probably make an even swap, then take the van up to Big Pine or Marathon, grab an rv lot for about what I am paying now and sit out the summer, try to make some income, and find another boat.  While this scheme is probably the least expensive option, I would be not living in Key West, a minor detail as the bus runs from Big Pine many times a day, I may lose out on some kayak and captain work, and I would be having to deal with a vehicle and all that mess again.  But if it is only for a few months or even through the winter, it may be an option.

Or I could just stay here on the boat, do nothing, and hope this whole thing passes over, which I believe is what most of the other renters are going to do.  The head in the sand approach, or head up your ass.  The big downside of this is when the axe falls, I could be stuck with no place to go and a boat I can’t sail away or get rid of.

So, I have some thinkin’ to do.  Grabbing one of the two boats is my ideal situation.  Get a boat I want, that is sailable, and move into the marina I want, away from all the politics and bovine fecal matter that is going to come up soon.  I’m going to take a break for a few days and go on a trip.  Maybe I will be thinking a bit more clearly when I get back.

Capt. Fritter

  3 Responses to “Living Aboard: Options…”

  1. maybe the trip has come at a good time. it helps to clear the air and just get away from the problem sometimes.
    i’d probably be among the first to leave. i hate waiting for the axe to fall.
    i’d rather call the axe’s bluff.
    what a quandary you have! oh yeah. that was a car you had once and it was lousy on gas. LOL.
    maybe you should visit a pirate gypsy woman who reads the future in tea leaves. problem solved.

  2. Well…sounds like a pickle. I will keep my fingers crossed for you – although I’m REALLY hoping it works out that you end up with a boat in sailing condition…that would be an awesome adventure! So many options there! Paul, Pritam, peace or love – whatever he goes by….he will get his one day. What goes around comes around my friend.

  3. If you go for that Ford, better hope it doesn’t break down. Then you’ll have a double whammy- no place to sleep and a van that will cost you money. Good luck with things