May 312013

This is what I hate about owning stuff.  The buying and especially the selling part.  People just get plain stupid when it comes to a sales transaction.

So I run an ad on Craigslist, listing the boat and specifically stating in the ad that I am looking to trade for a 22′ ODay or Catalina.  Nowhere in the ad does it mention that I am interested in selling the boat outright nor am I giving up the slip.  So what happens?  Aside from the usual spam emails, “Is the item still available?”, (Seriously?  That old scam has been running since CL began.  Can’t you people get more creative?).  Anyways, aside from the spam, I get a call from Pa. today.  Somebody, who obviously never read my book, wants to buy the boat outright.  Never indicating that they read the part in the ad about wanting to trade down.  All they saw was a cheap sailboat/liveaboard/Key West.  Even after I ‘splained to the guy that I would not part with the boat until I found a replacement, he was still insistent on wanting to know what I would sell it for.  Sure, I’ll play along.  He is supposed to be be coming to the rock in a week or two and wants to come and look at it.  Well, why not?  Never know what will happen.  He is young, doesn’t know a thing about sailboats, and had no idea what I meant by a “bottom job”.  On this island, you do need to word things a bit more careful.

I have been thinking about the possibilities however.  If this kid is legit, I could conceivably solve half my problems.  Get rid of the boat, and be out of the marina and all the bovine fecal matter that is sure to come.  Let him deal with it.  Only one slight problem…the other half.  Selling the boat and leaving the marina means me and the furballs will be homeless.  I would need to find temporary shelter whilst I find another boat, or rv, or apartment.  Funds would be limited and I could easily run out of money before finding something else, and be really homeless, broke, and having to deal with a couple of unhappy pussy cats.  Were I cat free, I would load up the backpack, go throw a tent up in one of the many state parks up and down the Keys for a week or so, and see what, if any boats are out there.  But I ain’t cat free, and have no intention of becoming cat free.  These two deserve a forebber home and I will provide them with one.

So for now, I will just kinda, sorta play along.  If the kid shows up, I’ll show him the boat but if I don’t have any alternative, there will be no deal.  You never know, something good may turn up by the time he gets here and I could make a smooth transition to another boat, or whatever else show up.  There are some cheaper slips advertised up in Marathon and I would have no issue with moving up there to save a few bucks on rent.  The busses run from there to here and I can rely on the false hope that my income will increase to the point where I can grab a more expensive slip at the marina where I looked and move back.

Same with rv lots.  Some cheap lots are showing up in Big Pine.  Find a cheap motorhome or trailer, throw it on a lot, and work on making some money.  Fewer distractions and worries about upkeep and sinking.

Either way it would be nice to get something worked out.  Still, I dread all the coming drama of trying to sell this boat and find another one.  Haggling over price, going through all the paperwork, registrations, titles, trying to explain to the worker bees in the marina office what is going on, trying to convince some future landlord that I do indeed pay my rent on time.  I’m sick of it all.  It makes me want to downsize even more.  To only own that which I can carry on my back and nothing else.  I doubt that day will ever come, but it is something to aspire too.

I will be very glad when this is all over and I am settled into something else.  Even though it is not time to panic and I could be here for a long time, I still want to get rid of the boat and into something else.  My patience is already wearing thin, and I would hate to think of what kind of mindset I would be in if an eviction notice did show up in the near future.  Better to try and get this all settled as soon as I can.

Capt. Fritter