Jun 082013

Well, next week the big event takes place.  Sometime around the 12th Labombard closes on the sale of our little marina.  What happens after that is anybody’s guess.  Rumors continue to fly and nobody seems to know or is willing to discuss what will go down.  Since my wifi connection on the iPhone is still not working, (unsure if it is software or hardware related), I go over to the bait shack where the free wifi connection is to catch up on news and do a few things that require me to be online.  The porch where everyone hangs out is always abuzz with talk of what is to come.  Nobody seems very happy with the change of ownership.  The employees of the marina in particular seem a bit nervous, as well they should be.  I can put their minds at ease.  Every single one of them will be gone within 6 months of the change.  Book it.  Done.  They will leave by choice, theirs or the new owners, but they will all be gone.

I saw some men walking around the marina the other day with a clipboard and a surveyors stick.  One of the long ruler thingies where one guy stands at one end of whatever they are looking at and holds it, while the other guy stands at the other end, looks through a little telescope, and waves his hands around.  They were measuring stuff, writing stuff down on their little clipboard, and spraying numbers on the ground.  A sure sign of destruction and construction.  One thing is known for sure that the boat storage building walls and roof are coming down.  What will happen to the boats stored inside, nobody knows.  Work will start soon on the bait house and I suspect, the free wifi will come to an end, meaning I will need to do something fast to stay online.  It’s also rumored that the sea wall, which sits across the canal from me will come down and be rebuilt.

None of this has a direct effect on me, unless they tear down the bathhouse, then things will get serious.  But it does mean the marina will be noisier, dirtier, and there will be corporate suits running around being douchebags to those of us who live here.  Even if we don’t all get evicted, it may not be a nice place to live.

I’ve sorta, kinda decided to stay with this boat rather then trade down.  I do still have the ad up and you never know what may come of it.  The 22’ Chrysler was in just too bad of shape to go for the deal.  I may have been able to trade down for the boat and a motor and even throw a few dollars in my pocket, but I know, the moment I putter into the marina with that boat and all it’s cosmetic issues, somebody will bitch, moan, whine, and snivel.

I did however find another temporary solution should by chance Labombard’s flying monkey’s chase us all out of here.

Seems that the boat yards down here, those places where you have your boat lifted out, put on stands, and work on it doing things like painting the hull and such, will also allow you to live on your boat while doing the work.  They charge a liveaboard fee, close to what I am paying now, and you have showers and bath on the property, electricity, and all the comforts of home.  For those who live on board and have no place to go while their boat is being worked on, it is a pretty good deal.  I could get the boat towed over, the boat yards are in the next channel, haul out, and arrange to stay a month or two while I scrape and paint the bottom and hull, maybe get the electrics set up, find a motor, and do some other things that would be way more easier if the boat was on land as opposed to being in the water.  When done, the boat would be all new and shiny, and pass muster at any of the other marinas.  I would need to magically come up with some cash for repairs, tools, and supplies, but at least I would still have a place to live while fixing up the boat.  Even if I don’t get kicked out, it’s an option later on when I am ready to work on the boat.  Or whatever other boat I may end up with.  On the other hand, a few apartments have been showing up here and up the road a bit.  None at my current rent but all under $1000.  Sometimes I think it may just be as easy to sell the boat and go back to land living for a while so I can concentrate on making some money.  This whole marina sale, and worrying about the boat has been a major distraction and I am getting a bit fed up with it.

In other news:  The Journey To Minimalism crew has returned back to the land of the non islands.  We got to spend some time together eating, doing some sight seeing, and solving all the world’s problems over some club sodas at the Green Parrot.

Julia is a budding live aboard and she did this trip up right.  While they did come down for some R n R she wanted to go visit some marinas and look at some boats.  And that we did.  I showed them all the major marinas in Key West and Stock Island.  They got to see how things are set up, and they got to go onboard a variety of different boats ranging from my little 26’ scow all the way up to a 48’ catamaran up in Marathon.  It gave them a real good sense of how much room each boat has and how comfortable, or uncomfortable it would be to live on one.  Many of the boat owners we met were quite friendly and only too happy to invite us onboard to look around.  Julia went home with a more better idea of how big a boat she may want to live on eventually and some things to expect when living on board.  It may take a few years for her to realize her dream, but I suspect this trip gave her a tremendous head start in the direction she wants to go.  She won’t be just dumping everything and coming down with a car packed full of shit, and jumping on the first boat she see.  She can take her time, continue to downsize, and learn more about sailing, boats, living aboard, and all that goes with it.

It was nice to meet her and we had a good time while they were here.  I’m sure the Keys’ will be seeing them a lot more in the future.

Capt. Fritter

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  1. wow. the boatyard place with showers while you make the boat bristol sounds great.
    and you’re always going to be near the sea anyway with the bike at your disposal… and living on the island. like you say ~ it’s never very far away. that really sounds neat. at least the way you describe it here. a nice option i’d say.
    but then what do i know. only you can know.
    labombard shlamombard. nasty bard.