Jun 112013

This inspiring people stuff is getting a bit scary sometimes.  You write about your life experiences, you talk about how you overcome obstacles, you set outlandish goals and meet them.  And people start taking you seriously.  We got Julia up at Journey To Minimalism, who will someday be a Captain of her own catamaran down here.  Erin and Bob from Boston are not far behind.  And now Dodd and Alanda are chronicling their journey over at Changing My Latitude.

If you don’t remember, Dodd and Alanda were down a few months ago for some R n R and to scout out some living arrangements here in the Key’s.  Dodd works at the FWC and is hoping to transfer down, so they are doing the research now to find something affordable.  In the meantime, Dodd has started up the blog to talk about their adventures and what may befall them as they get ready to join the island folk.  Go take a look when you are done here at the Fritter and check out the site.  He already knows how to lure you in as he has some great shots of some manatee he encountered recently on the water.

No matter what you may be planning for the future, be it joining the ranks of wannabe live aboards here in the Keys, or something a bit less piratey, I cannot stress enough how much it helps to set yourself up with a simple little blog and start writing about your life experiences.  By sharing what you may be going through, good or bad, you can sorta kinda clear your mind, get other opinions, and have a digital record of what you went through.  You know, for the government.  It’s very cathartic to write this stuff and when you get an email from Dodd, like I did today, or see the pictures from a visit, like Julia is doing, you realize that you do have an effect on others.  Think of it as your own little social media, that you have control over.  You will be surprised at just how fast you gain an audience.  You’ll learn to network in a different way, get perspectives you may not have thought of before, and in some cases, you may just inspire somebody to think outside the box, take a chance, or do something differently than the rest of the hive.

Everyone has a story.  But nobody will know about it if you don’t tell it.

Capt. Fritter

And you get real good at dealing with spam and hackers too.

  3 Responses to “And Another Angel Starts Drinking…”

  1. By golly, Capt – those angels must be tipsy by now! 😉

  2. Thank you for the kind words, but give yourself some credit. How many bloggers and freshwater conchs have you inspired over the years?!