Jun 132013

As I write this on Thursday evening, Labombard and some of his lackey’s are parading around the marina surveying his latest conquest. Changes have already started.

There used to be George, the security guy. George wasn’t the friendliest person on the property but he was good at keeping an eye on things. Everyday around 5:00pm he would get the master list of all the boats, who should be in what slip and all that. He would ride around on his bike, checking his list, seeing who was naughty or nice, and generally doing security guard stuff.

Now, we have Monroe County Sheriff Deputies walking the beat. I am sure this is temporary until he gets his own storm troopers in place. The only thing I dread about this is that the deputies tend to take things a little too seriously and there could be friction amongst the masses. I’m also leery of leaving the property and coming back at night. Less I get gunned down by some trigger happy officer. I have no doubts a gate will be going up soon. Not a bad thing, as long as we who live here are able to access it.

Next on the list was one of the lift operators. He is a typical Key’s character, hard drinking, been here for a long time. Lives on a small motorboat. And he has been drunk and bitter since he got the word. Not a healthy situation. I am rather surprised that they would get rid of him. Sure, the drinking and all, but he does know how to handle the big fork lift and get boats in and out of their spots. An extremely handy skill set to have for this place. But, he probably doesn’t fit the worker bee mold so out he goes. He agrees with me. The other employees will be gone pretty fast.  At the moment he is over near the bait house getting drunker and madder by the minute.  This will not end well.

This evening the idiot also closed off the boat ramp.  The ramp is very popular and one of the few on this end of the island.  Plenty of room to load and unload your boat.  They charged a fee to use it.  Lot’s of parking, and he closed it off.  The soon to be former marina manager has the unpleasant task of dealing with some very unhappy boaters.  Removing access to the water is one of the worst things you can do around here.  It’s going to get ugly.

None of this really has anything to do with us who live here. Other than putting up with Deputies who could easily overstep their bounds, (I assume they are doing this off duty, getting paid by the new master, as is common for things like this.), the fate of the marina employees won’t affect us. At least until we have to interact with the new regime for things like paying the utilities and such.

Having been through a couple of ownership changes in the past, I am seeing the exact same pattern here. Rumors flying, scared employees, immediate terminations, bitterness, hatred, and a general distrust on both sides until things settle down a bit. I would really rather not be a part of any of this, but for now I am stuck. Tomorrow the real fun will begin as he brings the full force of his death star to bear on our happy little marina. There will not be a single aspect of this marina that he will not change to fit his image. It’s going to be quite a circus.

Capt. Fritter

If his intention was to piss people off, he is off to a great start.