Jun 152013

I guess the time has come, sooner, not later to make a decision.  The news of the meeting yesterday, which by all accounts I assume is true, means living here at the marina is no longer viable.  While the HOA may well delay things for a bit, the environment here is going to be so toxic, and Labombard, when he is not strangling kittens, will do as much as he can to make life miserable for anyone who dares defy his orders.  The residents are not going to be the kind of people I want to be around as it suddenly dawns on them that any semblance of property right they thought they had, has been flushed down the toilets.  In other words, time to get the shit outta Dodge.

So, that leaves me with some decisions to ponder.  Right now my rent is paid up to the end of June.  Thats two weeks to go.  I suspect I could wring one more month out of here but again, even if I can stay, do I really want to? Between the cops patrolling the docks like prison guards, and more of our taken for granted amenities vanishing, and the growing hatred for the little dickhead, staying here is going to be nothing but a distraction and very stressful.  I’m tired and it’s time for a change.  I want out.

As for options?  Here is what I got:

  1. Move the boat to another marina.  Not happening around here.  There is literally no other place to go and other than the $850 a month slip, my only other choice is to head for Marathon.  Difficulty, the boat needs some serious work and a motor to go anywhere. That’s a lot of money I don’t have to put into a boat that I’m not so sure I want to keep.
  2. Put the boat in a yard.  I can live on it while doing repairs without any timeline.  And maybe even sell it later on to recover some of that cost.  Virtually all the work I can do myself, but I would still need supplies, tools, and such.  And a motor when I am done.  Once finished I would hopefully have a sea worthy boat that I could sail around until I find a new home.
  3. Trade the boat for another.  What I have been trying to do for the last month.  So far my only option is that beat up old 22 around the corner.  It would have to go directly into the yard for paint and electrics.  Upside, I would have a motor with it.  Elsewhere I haven’t spotted any other traders at the moment.
  4. Sell the boat outright and find another one.  The option I really want to happen.  I could walk away with a couple of thousand and find another boat up the islands someplace.  I have spotted one or two possibles.  Difficulty, I would need temporary living space due to the furballs.  Probably a weeks worth which would be expensive and not easy to find.  Boarding them someplace for a week is a possible option while I go find a boat and get it ready.
  5. Sell the boat for something other than another boat.  I guess that Class B that was on CL is gone.  I’d consider it right now.  Big Pine Key keeps advertising some lower cost rv lots for rent.  Find an rv, park it and stay up there for awhile.
  6. Sell the boat and move into an apartment.  Tough call here. There ain’t much under $900 in Key West.  Plus I would need to sell the boat before moving in.  Then again, if I am willing to pay the same for a slip at the other marina, a similarly priced land based place would work out just as well and I wouldn’t have a boat to worry about.  There are cheaper apartments up the line but I really would rather not get stuck in a lease.
  7. Fuck It!  Sell the boat. Go to Hawaii.  Anybody want a couple of cats?

It’s all going to be a big mess around here and the sooner I get out the better.  As least I am better off than some people.  My neighbor owns two slips, lives in one boat, and rents the other out like a hotel room.  Now he can’t live in a slip he owns, something that he has a $250,000 mortgage on.  I would be lawyering up right now if I were him.  Others literally have no place to go.  They bought their slip with the understanding that they could live there.  Now their homes are being taken from them.  All they can do with those slips now is rent them out to transients or charter boats.

Scary ain’t it.  This is why I don’t want to own stuff, especially property.  Here all these slip owners spent hundreds of thousands of dollars for their little spot in paradise, thinking they had control over their own destiny, and bang, along comes somebody richer and more powerful and suddenly, they can lose it all.  And there ain’t a damn thing they can do to stop it.

I can leave.  The options are not the greatest and I will have to do some creative financing, but I can leave.  I can walk, or sail away from here and when I go around the corner, that is the last I will have to concern myself about Paul Arthur Labombard.  I won’t lose anything except a cheap place to stay.  I won’t have any damage to my credit, assuming I still have any, I won’t get foreclosed on, and I won’t have to deal with any legal wranglings to protect myself.  I can get out while the getting is good.  Move on, and start new adventures.

Let this be a lesson to you all, my fine Fritter fans.  Own as little as possible.  Stay fluid and mobile.  Don’t allow the Labombards to come in and rule your life.  The less you have, the easier you can control what you do have.

Capt. Fritter

For someone who brags about his philanthropy, he is not showing much concern for fellow human beings around here.

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  1. i am so sorry that you are going through this, too.

    california, florida. i’m disgusted and disheartened.