Jun 152013

Ran into a neighbor this morning who attended the meeting yesterday.  Firstly, she admitted that she cried herself to sleep last night, with the help of some scotch.  She is an 18 year resident of the island and is unsure what she will do.  She is under the belief that the slips will only go up in value, which is true in the long run.  But I believe that those who want to live on their slips, and now no longer can, will sell out at lower values.

Labombard is using the killing them with kindness routine right now.  Promising to “work” with everyone, help them relocate even.  Hey, if the rich little bastard wants to pay me to leave I am up for that.  But his ultimate goal is to fill the slips with fishing charter boats.  Get rid of the dock boxes and put freezers on land for the catches, resurface the docks, new electrical boxes, and other improvements.  Residents seem to think that the slips and docks are in disrepair.  I guess my standards ain’t quite as high as theirs.

I asked her if she had a timeline and she said she believed 2 to 3 months.  I would rather not wait that long.  I am going to push to try and get out of here by the end of June.  If for some reason I can’t, at least I would have one more month, but I would just as soon leave now.  Nobody is happy, we got fully armed deputies patrolling around all over the place, and judging from the amount of drinking going on lately, even more than usual, it’s just a matter of time before somebody does something stupid.

The neighbor did bring up something that I agreed with.  She is hating how Key West is becoming so homogenized.  The island is slowly beginning to look like any other town in the country.  Sterile buildings with no character.  Chain stores replacing one of a kind eclectic places.  It’s sad.  Especially for anyone who remembers what the islands were like a few years or decades ago.  This marina sale will just add to the sterilization.  I think that is what upset her more than anything else.

So, time to get off my ass and start finding new digs.  Not going to wait til the last minute.  The time is now.

Capt. Fritter

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  1. wishing you the best captain. an even better place.