Jun 172013

The kid who bought a $1500 van and lived in it while attending college was quite the inspirational story.  Managing to get his degree without running up thousands of dollars in student debt.  Well, this guy did him one better:

Student lives on “Yacht” while going to school.

I give him credit for creative and minimal thinking but I do have a few questions?

How does a 40 year old 23′ sailboat that costs £800 qualify as a yacht?

Where in the hell do you find a marina that rents out slip space for £1 a day?

What the hell is the exchange rate on pounds and dollars?  Is it 24 farthings to a hogshead?

Whatever, congratulations to both these guys for thinking outside the box. Wise moves for both of them.

Capt. Fritter

  2 Responses to “Old School: Living In A Van While Going To College, New School:”

  1. good grief!
    a claustrophobe’s nightmare. too much stuff to trip over and deal with. BUT…
    ALSO… good grief! he is gorgeous!. he should have spent the money on a trip to Hollywood… make a few blockbusters… save the money… come back and pay cash for his education and live on a real yacht!

  2. Wow – so if a 23′ is a yacht…I guess that would make your 27′ a luxury cruise ship? 😉

    Obviously the marinas where this guy was staying are not of the same world as the ones in Key West – he was paying around $1.50 USD a month in rent? I find that hard to believe