Jun 242013

I know I am getting way ahead of myself over this boat swap deal, but I still have a gut feeling that it will happen.  Assuming that it does, I will be making some major lifestyle changes.  In other words, if you think I live minimally now, it’s about to get more minimally.

The boat I will be trading for is going to have much less stuff on it compared to the boat I am currently on.  For starters, no galley.  Originally, there was an option for a slide in galley, similar to what came in some of the Catalina 22’s.  This boat won’t have it.  Also, no fridge, so that means a cooler and ice, and no grill.  Not a big deal, as grills can be picked up used every once in a while.  So when I move onto the Spirit, I will be having to make some dietary changes.  If I am not cooking, that means eating out, and keeping stuff to eat on board that don’t require any heating.  I hear tell that people are eating stuff that grows on trees, bushes, and plants.  Veggie something or other, and froots or whatever.  I may look into that.  As for the eating out part, I already have a couple favorite places where I can eat relatively cheap, just need to add to the list.

There will be no water system on the new boat, but then, there wasn’t one on the old boat either.  I have been bringing in water from the faucet in a gallon jug, and I can pretty much do the same.  Just in case, I may pick up one of those shower bags to have on board.  In case the idiot decides to destroy our bathhouse.

Electrics on the new boat appear to be in decent shape and working.  I will need to add navigation lights but for the cabin all I will get is some battery operated LED set up.  The owner of the Spirit has been doing the same as me, running a power cord from shore with a power strip to charge phones and computer.  He also has a small ac unit that sits in the hatch.  So no big changes there.  However…

This may be the time to go solar.  If I can squeeze out the cash, I believe I will do as I wanted before, find a solar panel, set up a battery or two with inverter, and see if I can get enough juice from that big ball of light in the sky.  I will still have the shore power option but now that I will have no fridge, my power needs will be extremely low.  This boat may well allow me to achieve what I wanted to do originally, have a self sustaining floating home that needs no attachment to land for power.

There is a porta potty on the new boat but I will need to look at how it is set up.  Owner says it was never used.  A priority will be to add in a deck fitting and hose so it can be pumped out.

As for head room, it will take some getting used to.  The boat has a pop top, which raises up so a person can stand, and then there is a cloth screen that goes around it so you can leave it up.  The pop top may need some work and the screen replaced.

While the cabin is going to be smaller there will be plenty of room for the cats.  All they do is sleep anyways.  I just need to find the spot for the litter box and the feeders.  I may try to rig up some sort of tent thingie for the cockpit area so they can come outside without actually being outside.  The hardest part of all this will be moving their fuzzy butts.  They do not travel well.

As for the boat itself on the outside, I am going to assume it will need bottom scraping and paint.  All boats do.  The swing keel will most likely need some tending to.  Not a big deal.  The big thing with this new boat is that all this stuff is much more easier to take care of.  It’s smaller, simpler, and cheaper to maintain.  And if I like the boat, I won’t be so adverse to dropping a few dollars into it to fix it up.

As for the slip, I will be here at least through July.  I am going to take it month to month and see how difficult it becomes to stay here.  If this boat trade works out, I will have a moveable boat that can be lived on without the constant need for a slip.  If and when at some point I am forced out, I can take the boat to the yard for a month, get the keel and bottom spiffed up, and move on.  Otherwise, I will stay here as long as possible, if nothing else, just to irritate the lord and master.

On the other hand, the entire deal may fall through.  He may not like my boat, I may not like his.  If that be the case, I will continue to try and sell or trade the boat out, and go on.  I’m getting ready for either scenario.

I’m really hoping this deal does happen.  I could use a change like this, I’m getting a bit restless on the boat I have.  This smaller boat, being in better shape, may also be a future source of income if I chose to perhaps do some charter work with it.  It will also be a bit easier to move or sell when the time comes.  If it works out, and I don’t drop a major fortune on it, and I can get anywhere from a year to 5 years use out of it, then it will be a success.  On the other hand, if whist sailing down from Key Largo, I strike a rock, get attacked by a rabid sea serpent, explode in a ball of flame, and sink to the bottom of the cold, heartless, pitiless, sea, then it won’t be so much of a success.

I’m good either way.

Capt. Fritter

  4 Responses to “Living Aboard: The Cunning Plan, Revised…”

  1. If you can get a power source rigged up, maybe you could get one of those single burners so you could cook some food up with that. Or if you find a grill that could work too. I’ve been reading Voyaging on a Small Income by Annie Hill and they sailed without a fridge or cooler – she has some good tips and suggestions for cooking. Don’t forget about beans, Vienna sausages, canned tuna, pb&j…. It’s not glamorous but it’s food that doesn’t require refrigeration, so those are some options at least so you don’t have to eat out all the time.

    I hope the deal works out – would great for you to have an option to motor out of the dock and go anchor somewhere if shit hits the fan at the marina.

    • The lack of a cooking device would be temporary, seeing as how I like to eat. But I am curious to try living as simply as possible for a while just to see if I can cut the expenses down ever so much further. I’ve already got the “urge to purge” some of my few bits of clothing and other minor things.
      C. F.

  2. i’m gone one day with my favorite boys…
    and come back and find you almost have a new boat! YAY!!!
    holding good thoughts.
    sounds great. things are falling into place. but won’t say more. don’t want to jinx it!

  3. Check out this suitcase solar system. It’s highly regarded by van dwellers. http://cheaprvlivingblog.com/bobs-cheap-solar-living-store/

    As for food, canned fruits and vegetables don’t need heating or cooling as long as you eat the whole can full at one sitting.