Jun 262013

Got to enjoy a nice lunch and visit with Dodd and Alanda from Okeechobee today.  They are down here scouting for living quarters.  Looks like they will be coming here real soon if everything works out.

I mentioned that both of them have their own blogs going now…. Dodd’s is Changing My Latitude, while Alanda’s is Taming The Melon.  Well, it seems that blogging runs in the family as their daughter also has a blog running over on Tumblr….

My First Rodeo

If you want to see what it’s like to be young and traveling out of a backpack, and how a really good photo journalist works, then this is the blog for you. Traveling the world, seeing unique cultures, writing and photographing adventures, this is the kind of life all 20 somethings should try, along with 30, 40, 50, and well, all the rest.  The things she is seeing and doing are going to give her a completely different view of the world.  No consumeristic death march into the standard middle class life of debt and possessions.  She will have stories to tell down the road, and experiences to share that few people have the guts to even dare think about.

Imagine, heading out to anyplace, at anytime, with nothing more than what you can carry on your back.  No worries about being at a job on Monday morning, no frets about paying the mortgage or car payment, just living life as it is meant to be lived.  You don’t get this kind of education in a classroom.  No career counselor is going to tell you to grab a backpack, a camera, and go see the world.  This isn’t living off the grid, this is telling the grid to shove it.  While other kids her age are worker bees who spend all their money at the bars on the weekends, and slowly build up a mountain of debt, this young lady is showing us how to do it right.  Get out there, take chances, see and do things, not watch them on the tv.

Dodd was kinda shaking his head.  Every now and then he gets a call that she is off to some new foreign land and another adventure.  But he should be damn proud.  This girl is going to be far more successful in a life that is not measured in dollars or how many things a person has.  If you want some inspiration, go take a look at the blog.  It’s pretty neat stuff.

Capt. Fritter

Hmmm, living out of a backpack, traveling, writing about it.  Don’t sound half bad.

  2 Responses to “My First Rodeo…”

  1. Good for her! I wish quite often that when I was 20 I had known then what I know now. I sure would’ve done things differently and not acquired the debt I’ve been working so hard to pay off, in a job I’ve lost passion for just to pay it off. I admire anyone who understands the important things in life at such a young age and at the same time, bites the bullet and follows their dreams.

  2. Captain, we had a great time yesterday touring the fritter and seeing some of the local color! Look for us in the very near future, and thank you for the kind words about our Ashley!