Jun 282013

Seems to be trend here.  Sunset Marina, located on the north west side of Stock Island, has changed ownership.  It doesn’t look like our favorite evil warlord is involved in the purchase, at least he is not named as such, but this sale bears watching.

Sunset Marina is very similar to the marina where I am at now.  Condos, slips owned as dockominiums, some minor small associated businesses, but with some differences.  It is gated, and located on the Gulf side.  To get to open water takes a bit more travel time either through Cow Key channel if you have the 9′ clearance for under the bridge, or around Sigsbee and Fleming on the north side of Key West.  The marina is well kept but it has some bad things about it.  Namely, on the west side is the county prison and a homeless shelter, and on the east, a landfill known as Mt. Trashmore, a huge pile of rotting garbage, currently covered with topsoil and grass, but I am sure still smells a bit.

I came very close to moving into this marina 5 or 6 years ago.  There was a nice boat with a slip for sale on eBay and I came within seconds of hitting the buy button…without even actually seeing the boat.  It just looked so juicy and tender sitting there in the marina.  But cooler heads prevailed.  Now I am looking at the marina again as a possible place to move too, if they allow live aboards with the new ownership.

I’ve been hearing rumors for and agin live aboards there.  Some say no, others say no problem.  I am guessing they want a bit of a higher clientele then my sorry ass but who knows.  I have been seeing slips listed around the interwebs for there and they do say live aboard allowed.  I am sure nobody would lie to rent out a slip.  After all, that would be dishonest.  But the place does bear worth watching and if the owners of said slips are aware of what is happening here they may be trying to take advantage by inviting those of us with proven good rent history to move our vessels over there.  And that is the one small advantage I have at the moment.  I pay my rent on time and sometimes early.  Landlords like that sort of thing, so I could possibly go there.

As for around the gulag here, things have dulled down a bit.  The police now only patrol at night.  We also have some guy now walking the docks wearing a “Security” t-shirt with a walkie talkie.  He looks official other than he has his nose planted in his iPhone everytime I see him.

The ex security guy got rehired as maintenance man.  He’s a bit surly but adamant about doing his job.  At least the garbage is getting picked up and the bathrooms are being cleaned again.

Labombard has been strutting around the grounds looking at his new toy all week.  Pointing at stuff, demanding answers from his lackey’s about this and that, and generally trying to look important.  A few people look like they are getting ready to leave since it’s the end of the month.  A couple boats have gone up for sale.  For others, they don’t seem to be fazed by any of it and continue on.

My main concern is this pending boat deal.  I want to get rid of this boat and either get the Spirit, or find something else as soon as I can.  It’s been a distraction and it’s time to make something happen.  I cleaned out the boat over the last couple of days.  For someone who is a minimalist, I sure did toss a lot of junk out.  I thought about getting a new and larger back pack as mine is starting to show it’s age.  But I decided to downsize some more.  Throwing out some old clothes and keeping only that which I wear in the summer.  Come the fall I can add in a few things as needed.  No matter what, I will leave this boat with whatever fits in the back pack, plus the cats with their litter box and feeders.  It’s time to really start to minimalize.

July looks like a very interesting month.

Capt. Fritter