Jun 292013

Met the couple who are interested in swapping boats this afternoon.  I knew immediately we were going to hit it off when the wife came out of the car wearing an Apple hat.  Sure enough, by the time they were leaving, she was downloading some of my apps on her iPhone.  Real nice folks, semi retired teachers at a local college in Miami.  Bonus:  They have a daughter who is into minimalism as a lifestyle so we all spoke the same language.

As for the boat, they appeared to like it and I believe we have an accord.  Now it’s a matter of logistics, as the title states.

Most likely scenario, they will bring the Spirit to the Keys in some way or fashion, most likely on a rental trailer.  I suggested bringing it all the way here to Stock Island.  There is a ramp about a mile away where we could launch, and then they could bring my boat, the one they are getting, and load it back on the trailer, haul it back home, clean up the bottom, and take it where ever they want to go.  This would probably be the easiest for all concerned.

Otherwise, they could do as previously planned and take the Spirit to Key Largo where we could put it at my friends place.  Then come down here where they could sail my boat back up whilst I move onto the Spirit, get it ready, and sail back to Key West.

In the event that bringing the Spirit down here proves to be too much of a hassle in terms of costs or whatever, I have given them two other options.  Buy my boat outright.  Sell the Spirit up in Ft. Myers and I will either grab that Hunter or find something else, apartment, rv, whatever.

Most likely we will get the Spirit down here and make the switch.  It should work out for all concerned.  The upside is we have plenty of time to make this happen.  I just paid the rent for another month so I don’t have to move anywhere, and they have time to plan the move.

So one way or the other I should be living on the Spirit sometime in July.  Then I can be ready to go where ever I want…if….um…the Spirit moves me.

Capt. Fritter

Sometimes the jokes just write themselves.

  2 Responses to “Living Aboard: Now It Appears To Be A Matter Of Logistics…”

  1. yup.
    I do like the name of the new boat. spirit.
    good one skippy.
    and always nice to click well with people one is making a deal with. a feel good thing.
    things are looking up. the light in the tunnel eh wat?

    • More like the sail is getting closer on the horizon. No tunnels with boating you know.
      C. F.