Jun 302013

My neighbor, the man whom I originally bought the Seacraft from last year, who owns one slip, (with a mortgage) and rents out 2 more, who owns 5 boats, 5 cars and trucks, 2 of which cannot be driven because they are full of crap, an airplane, 4 bicycles, 4 kayaks, at least 3 widescreen tv’s, a house someplace up north, and has 3 dock boxes packed with more shit, plus a storage bunker someplace around here…can’t understand why I want to move onto a smaller boat.

Capt. Fritter

And yeah, if Labombard succeeds in his plan for world domination, this guy will lose everything.

  2 Responses to “Clueless, Hopeless, And Nervous…”

  1. CF,

    Owning all of your neighbor’s “stuff” would drive me nuts!

    I feel much better and more in control since giving most of my belongings away. I kept what I needed and nothing else.

    If the smaller boat provides adequate space for you and the cats… why not live more efficiently? I hope the deal works out for you,


  2. Reading this post stresses me out…TOO Much stuff! Wow!