Jul 012013

So,what’s our favorite little spoiled rich brat been up too here at the marina lately?  It’s actually been kinda quiet around here with some minor changes going on.  But being this is the first of the month and wealthy tyrants tend to like to keep to schedules, I expect something to happen real soon.

Last Friday, the lord and master was strutting around the parking lot followed by his cast of ass kissers, pointing and gesturing, and generally trying to look important.  Then something interesting happened.  A truck pulled up towing a trailer full of portable shower units.  They parked the showers over by the guard house and set the thing up.  Now I have been hearing rumors that the bathhouse is going to come down.   For those of you who have been here and seen it, you know it’s old, but quite usable.  There are three showers in both sides, four toilets, and two sinks.  At the north end is the laundry with 4 washers and 4 dryers.  It serves about 100 people or so.  I am guessing that the new portable showers, of which there are 3 are going to be the replacement if said old bathhouse does come down.  As it is, with some boy scout groups coming in regularly and the usual crowd, there could be lines for showers and toilets all the time.  The makes my getting a working toilet on whichever boat I end up with a major priority.  As for laundry, looks like we trudge up to the laundromat about a mile away, in a not particularly nice neighborhood.

Or the temp showers may be there specifically for the scouts.  Word has it he doesn’t like them, so that may be what is happening.

This afternoon, something else occurred at the bathhouse.  The Pepsi soda machine was taken out.  That could mean the imminent demise of the bathhouse or, I did see a Coke Cola truck in the parking lot earlier in the day.  Perhaps we are making the switch to the more better Coke.

It’s a tough call as to what is going to happen.  They rehired the old security guard as maintenance man and he has been cleaning the bathhouse on a regular basis.  So will it go?  Will it stay?  Don’t know.

I had a long talk with the girl who handles accounting and our utility bills over the weekend.  She works as an independent contractor so she doesn’t answer to the boss man.  She says things are changing on a daily basis.  The seaplane base, which would have required her to move has been shelved.  Something about the Navy flying fighters with live ammunition and attitudes having the rights to the airspace.  The boat storage house that was to be taken down immediately has been delayed.  The reason the ramp was closed was because the insurance company who surveyed the property and provides the liability insurance declared the ramp to be “unsafe”.  If that be true, there ain’t a safe ramp in the Keys.  But insurance rules the world.

Speaking of which, I will be on the hunt for liability insurance on the Spirit.  Seems most marinas won’t let you in without at least a $300,000 minimum policy.  This isn’t hull insurance, it just covers you in case you run into someone else.  The girl at the office has a contact where I may be able to get a policy.  She pays $500 a year.  Not good but I may not have a choice.  This place don’t require it yet, but it is coming.  And if I do get it at least I can move.  As far as I know, the year of the boat is not a factor.  And being such a small craft, a survey shouldn’t be necessary either.  If all that becomes too complicated or expensive, I will go without and make arrangements to sell the boat outright and move onto land.  I’m not going to get into a pissing contest over insurance at this stage of the game.  If I were going to have a boat worth something it would be different.  For the Spirit, not so much.

As for other changes, things seem pretty minor.  All the employees get to wear shiny new white starched collared shirts.  As least they are white.  I know of more than a few resorts and watersports companies in town who required their people to wear black, no matter the weather.  It never ceases to amaze me how employers have so little regard for the people who do the work and bring in the money for them.

For the moment there seems to be an uneasy peace around here.  The police only come on the property at night now.  And we have some guy and his mother who patrol the docks. Little changes keep occurring but everyone keeps waiting something big or drastic to happen.  All I want to do now is get this boat deal over and done with, get the new boat up to speed, and get out of this place.  It’s not a fun place to live anymore.

Capt. Fritter