Jul 032013

Of course you would. You are all sitting on the edge of your swashbuckles waiting for the next installment of “AS THE SCALLYWAG TURNS”. Ok then, here we go.

Lessee, let’s start with the marina and everyone’s favorite land baron. This was relayed to me by another renter as to the status of things. According to said renter, liveaboards at the marina are not going anywhere anytime soon. Seems more than a few slip owners have made it clear that they don’t like Labombard nor his tactics. Bonus: One slip owner, a widow living in a retirement home up in Tampa is reputed to have said,”I won’t bend over for that son of bitch nor anyone else. I’ll do as I please with my slip”. I like her. Anyways, concessions on both side are being made, we get to stay, he can go fuck himself. Works for me. However, as you may have guessed, it’s not all that cut and dried.

Next rumor has it that Labombard is in cahoots with the owner of another marina, the very one I was looking at moving too who wanted $850 a month for a half slip. (Not going there in case you were wondering). Seems he has a scheme to force all the owners to be in line with higher slip rates. Somehow, these two brilliant Mensa candidates are cooking a plot to have all slips be rented out at the same rate, preferably a higher rate than what many are paying now. In other words, I am paying $600 a month for my little slice of water and concrete. If my neighbor is paying $700 a month for an identical slip, then by the new edicts handed down, I would also be required to pay $700 a month. I am not totally sure how such a rule could be invoked nor the legality of such a rule, but I do know there is a name for it….Price Fixing.

In the meantime, it’s still assumed that the bathhouse will be coming down soon. If nothing else just as a way for Labombard to thumb his nose at us and make life less enjoyable here. After that, who knows.

Keep in mind please, that all this is rumor and hearsay. What is true and what is not true remains to be seen. But it would not surprise me if any of this is factual.

So, let’s move on to the other ongoing saga, the boat deal. At least here I know there are facts involved.

I have not heard a word out of the couple who are interested in trading boats since they stopped by last Saturday. They were down for their anniversary and they do work so I would expect some delay. I did send them some information to help them should they trailer the Spirit all the way down here. There is a ramp not far from here, (the ramp here in the marina would come in real handy right now but….safety concerns you know). There is also a local marina who may be able to lift the boats on and off the trailer and water. But a new wrinkle has been added.

On Sunday, an affordable place came up online in town. It’s a”cottage” which in actuality is little more than a converted shed in a back yard of a small house in the New Town area. It’s a 10′ x 10′ with a closet, ac, and fan. It rents for $600 a month plus $130 for utilities which includes water, electric, sewer, cable, and INTERNET! Glorious hi speed internet. There is no bathroom in the shed, you get a private bathroom to use in the house, shared kitchen with the other two residents, and shared washer/dryer. I made contact with them today and I am trying to arrange to come and see the place.

There are good and bad here with this. The good, I can move off the boat, onto land, and out of all the politics and expense of boat living and marina rules. The place is just my size with room for the cats, even a yard should I dare to let them outside. Rent remains the same and the increase in utilities is well within my budget. Location is very nice, just a real short ride to the shopping and no more crossing the wide expanse of Stock Island everytime I want to go someplace. But the bad is something else.

First of all, roommates, sort of. Sharing a kitchen and laundry is not what I had in mind. I’m not one to be a big cleaner and I know it will be a matter of time before someone bitches because I left a dirty glass behind or some crumbs on the floor. Not having a bathroom in the shed is not what I had hoped for either. It means trudging back and forth from shed to house, which is what I do now here at the marina. Kinda tired of that.

As for the roommates, I gave them my details, age, non drinker, like things QUIET! They claim to be so and respectful but light drinkers. Last thing I want is to wind up with a bunch of partiers. There is also the question of what happens should one of them leave. Do I have to make up the difference in rent in utilities.

As for the shed itself, no furniture. All I would add is some sort of bed and some curtains. Maybe throw an ice chest in there so I don’t have to use the kitchen. At least until I get a feel for how things would go.

It’s all affordable enough. And I did give this option to the boat buyers. If they wanted to buy my boat outright and I would just move onto land, here is that opportunity. Very tempting to just chuck all things boat wise for now and settle down into a comfy little shack where I can constipate on building up the business. I still need to go check out the property first and decide if it and the current residents are compatible.

So, do I continue with the boat deal, get the Spirit, and take on the fight for the marina?

Do I say the hell with it, get rid of the boat, and move into the shack?

Or do I go find a bottle of rum, a box of broken glass, get drunk, and shove the broken shards of glass into my eyes? At least I know what will happen there.

I’m really getting tired of all this.

Capt. Fritter

  7 Responses to “Living Aboard: Would You Like To Know More?…”

  1. My how things change…so many decisions. I think you know my thoughts on this one….get on a boat that has sails or at least a working motor. However…the world doesn’t always work out for plan A to pull through. Keeping that in mind, I guess the “cottage” is a possible plan B. I personally would be leery of sharing the kitchen and bath with them…but hey – it is what it is. And if the boat plan doesn’t work out, at least there’s another option here, so that’s a good thing!

  2. damn. i’m starting to hate that captcha. I wrote my comment then I forgot the captcha and my comment left. so… here we go again.
    i’m for the cottage.
    you don’t need to use their silly kitchen. just an ice chest and a little grill and you’re set. surely there’s an outdoor spigot for washing your plate and glass. and you’re used to hauling your water even now… for drinking. it sounds really in a convenient location.
    and I saw on Julia’s blog a video about ben who lives on a sailboat. he has a fantastic compost toilet. he said it’s amazing. your cats’ litter box would have more odor. he said it’s like garden soil. a real earthy rich smell to the thing. cool! it’s what I would go for.
    you could build your business up with the high speed internet… heaven after what you’ve been thru!
    then when the time’s right… buy the boat of your dreams instead of settling! all good.
    well. you did ask.
    oh. wait. you didn’t did you.
    well. just butting in with my opinion then.
    snoopy hugs anyway from polly.

    • Yes – Tammy is right on that composting toilet – Ben Stooky had nothing but good things to say about it on DrakeParagon’s video. However….I checked into several of those and they are not cheap, so it would be a big investment. Seems like it would totally pay off in the long run…but the investment is what was killing me…but if you can swing it, it sounds like a pretty good deal.

      • None of this may matter anyways. I have been trying to contact the people at the house where the cottage is for rent so I can go see the place and I am not getting any answers. To make things even more fun, the couple who are interested in the boat have also not replied to any of my emails. I could very well wind up back at the starting point with no buyer for the boat and no place to go anyways. Getting extremely frusterated with the lack of communication. If we do the boat swap it needs to go within the next two weeks, other wise we will be delayed because of the upcoming lobster season. I just want to get something done, boat, shed, shards of glass, I don’t care at this point. The longer the delay, the more chance there is of something fouling up the deal.
        C. F.
        Yeah, a good compost toilet will set you back about $1000


  3. Tough decision! Go with the option that reduces your distractions, so you can make money and ultimately remain in Key West.