Jul 112013

One of the more noticeable “upgrades” occurred here at the Labombard Home For The Rich And Wealthy this week. The parking lot was covered with fresh gravel, and new parking curbs installed, each painted to identify who was and was not allowed to park in each spot. The letters were stenciled on by somebody, unfamiliar with the concept of legible stenciling, and with several different labels painted onto the different parking areas, we will have to wait until management gives us a magic decoder ring so we can figger out who can park where.


Notice of this “enhancement” was given out last week. Flyers were put up in the bathhouse, which is still standing, and placed on vehicle windshields, notifying the owners of said vehicles that they would need to move so the worker bees could do their thing. Alas, some did not heed the notice and as a result, a big black tow truck was on hand to make a few side dollars.

From what I understand, there are changes now in the parking structure. No rv’s allowed. No commercial vehicles except those on the property for business. Nobody is allowed to leave a vehicle overnite with those magnetic signs that you see for small businesses. And most importantly of all, no trailers, including boat trailers. Because as everyone knows, the idea of boats on trailers in a marina is just plain silly.

I was talking to some neighbors earlier and they said that the His Highness is most perturbed that all of us liveaboards did not simply pull our lines and sail away from here when he demanded that we do so. The homeowners association has not bent over and since nobody has been properly impressed by his awesomeness, now he is going to try and just make life as miserable as he can for those of us who dared to defy his edicts. Enacting more and more rules and regulations for anyone who crosses the line from the docks onto his property.

There is a general tension that you can feel amongst the live aboards. People are pissed off and the strain is starting to show. The staff is taking the brunt of the criticism and it’s really unfair to them. They are doing only what they are told to do, all for the sake of a crappy paycheck. For most of the residents here, unlike myself, it is not a simple matter to just untie the lines and head out the channel to new places. Some have lived here for years, have way more stuff than will fit on their boats, and have assumed some sort of ownership, even though they only rent. For them, moving is more than finding another slip. It’s a major life upheaval which few of them are ready to face. They are finding out the real costs of trying to live with too much stuff.

Remember too, that before the King Turd came in, this was a working marina. There were businesses here, things going on, people engaged in commerce. Many here had carved themselves out a nice out of the way slice of paradise. Now it’s going to be taken away from them and there ain’t a damn thing they can do about it.

We have a lot of drinkers on these docks, and some less than intelligent minds here. I am sorely afraid that as more restrictions come on, and life becomes ever more unpleasant, one of those idiots will do something really stupid and illegal. And when that happens, Labombard will use that as an excuse to claim we are all dangerous and pose a threat to him and his minions. At that point, we will all be gone.

For me personally, this whole scene has been more of a dramatic play than a problem. The parking lot has no real effect on me. The staff has done nothing to piss me off. I feel for them, they are allowing somebody with more money to dictate how they work and live, and no matter how distasteful the job, they do it under the mistaken belief that the paycheck is worth the bullshit. It’s not.

My biggest concern right now is getting this boat swap completed, preferably before the end of July. I plan on staying through August, and hopefully make a few extra dollars to get the Spirit up to speed. Then I will begin a real effort to find someplace else to dock and live. Here in Key West, the options are limited. Next stop from here, Marathon. I want to secure something for the winter months. Already there are people coming around asking about winter dockage for their boats here and when they get turned down, they will also be looking elsewhere.

My only real fear at the moment is that the little twerp finds some loophole that allows him to throw us out. Unlikely, but you know how I am about such things. I’m still operating from a position of financial weakness and it’s usually at times like this, some asshole like our friendly neighborhood bully comes along and kicks you when you are down. Just to soothe his ego and build up his self esteem.

I know what I need to do, I just need the time to get it done. Then I can sail out of this soap opera and onto some new adventure. Something fun for a change. That would be a nice change of pace.

Capt. Fritter