Aug 022013

It’s the first of the month and as usual, the corporate warlords who live and die by schedules and deadlines made some changes.

On Tuesday evening two things happened. Firstly, the security guards, a guy and his mother, were fired. Everyone knows this because the guy was apparently fired while walking his beat around the property, fired by a phone call. He then proceeded to let everyone on the docks and within earshot know that he had been fired. A classy move by management and potentially dangerous as you never know how somebody may react to such a thing. As for his replacement, unknown. Will we get a new security guard? Will said guard be better or worse? Will the county deputies return? Will we have no security at all? The last one would be a stupid move all around. The liveaboards are pretty much secure. Just try to board one of their boats without permission and you will find out how secure. Anytime a stranger comes onto the docks, they will be watched. But for the rest of the property, who knows. There are no cameras around that I know of, and there is no gate yet, which I thought would be one of the first things to go up. Then again, it could be a planned move on the almighty’s part to piss off the residents even more, under the belief that we will all eventually come to understand his superior intellect, and leave his domain.
Update: The guy who was the original security guard before all this shit happened is now running around the marina wearing a hat that says, “Security”. So I guess we are all safe again.

And B, in a rather surprising move, two commercial lobster boats moved into the two empty slips in the back of the marina. Surprising because the consensus was the marina was going to be “upgraded” with a more better class of boater. Commercial lobster boats are not an upgrade. The boats are usually old, dirty, smell horrible, and in the case of these two, have a couple very noisy crews. They were here until late unloading traps onto the boat, and talking REAL LOUD the whole time, much to the chagrin of the live aboard next to them. Now somebody did tell me that they were only here long enough to load traps and it wouldn’t be a permanent thing, but still, very surprised to see them here. Personally it wouldn’t bother me all that much, perhaps less so if I could score a couple lobster tails now and then but from what I could see and hear, these crews didn’t sound like the sharing type.

Lobster Season opens for real on the 6th. Maybe by then they will be gone.

All the tenants have moved out of the end of the boat barn. The Yamaha mechanic, the yacht renters, and all the storage. I am guessing the next step will be the demolition of that end of the building. Then the battle will begin for the big part of the barn which houses many a boat.

The bait and tackle shop seems to be slowly shrinking. They have smaller inventories and I think they may have fired one or two of the personnel, not sure. They also close down at 4:00pm, right when many a boat is returning and needs fuel for the next trip. Closing down the store and the fuel dock would be a really top notch dick move. Ramps are rare enough. Having a deep water fuel dock that can handle larger vessels on this side of the island is important to the boat traffic. With those fuel sales are lots of extras, ice, bait, drinks, etc. But again, this man has no common sense about such things. He lives in a strange other world which we worker bees cannot understand.

We who live here seem to be ok for the moment. Nobody seems to be in a hurry to move out and rumors seem to have died down. I do know that the almighty has a new toy to play with, they broke ground and began construction at another project over near the harbor. More condos, more traffic, and nothing the average person could afford. He managed to uproot the West Marine store, who is building a new and larger store down the street, and a few homes around the property. It will be another cookie cutter project that goes completely against the grain of what was around there. The man may have money but he has no taste. Anyways, I am sure he is hanging around that project making life miserable for the construction crews and contractors. When he gets bored he will return here to continue to make our lives just as miserable too.

If only we would recognize his superior intellect and understand that only he knows what is best.

Capt. Fritter

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  1. Maybe the lobster boat crews were brought in to make the rest of you want to leave?

    • Smelly lobster boats don’t bother me in the least. And all my other neighbors are just as noisy.
      C. F.