Aug 042013

I don’t know what it is about me.  Seems I always attract the inconsiderate, the ill mannered, and the pains in the asses.  My neighbor, the one with all the damn toys, finally managed to sell his crappy sailboat.  The buyer moved in 3 days ago, and has thoroughly managed to piss me the hell off, along with a few others.

The new owner, best as I can tell, is some middle aged fat guy.  He came onto the boat at the first of the month and brought with him some old guy of either Jamaican or Bahamian descent.  Ok, so far, no problem.  But they immediately started to trash the slip next to me.  They brought out all sorts of junk, piled it on the dock in front of their new boat, and all over the pier between their boat and mine.  There is a big pile of sails, a couple of coolers, and other junk.  Some of it even made it over to my slip.  I haven’t said much, other than glare at them, and they quickly apologize and move things around, but when I come back later, there is more junk laying around.

Then on Friday night, they had a party.  Right on the dock.  Now, everyone likes to sit out and toss back a few on the docks now and then, but this one was loud, thanks to my other neighbor who provided the music via his stereo, and there were guests, ladies of the evening I believe.  I got home around 9:00 that night after a looooong day on the water, to find all these festivities going on.  And I had to dodge a few drunks just to get onto my boat.   I was tired, burnt, hungry, and covered in sweat and salt.  All I wanted was a shower and go to bed.  Alas, the showers were filled with about 20 boy scouts who had just returned from a 3 day cruise.  So a shower had to wait.  I finally got cleaned up, was too tired to eat, so I cranked up the ac to cover the noise and went to bed.  I got woke up more than few times but by 2:00am the party finally broke up.

In the morning the hookers were having breakfast on the dock, there was broken glass all over the pier, which made me most happy since I like to walk around in my bare feet, and to boot, the toilets were out of toilet paper in the bath house.  More than a few people heard me express my displeasure over that one.

I went out to do some more kayak charters and returned late in the afternoon, still picking up glass shards, and tossing them onto their boat, since the garbage belonged to them, and went into town to get my first decent meal in 4 days.  When I returned, again, the fat guy was sitting on a chair on the pier, blocking my way to the boat.

I could go about this a few different ways.

Say nothing and hope they are going to leave soon.

Say something, start a fight and bring more misery.

Say something to the marina staff which would be worthless.

Contact the homeowners association, again worthless.

Or, contact the owner of the slip.  He is a realtor in town, the neighbor with the toys rents off him, So maybe if I contact the owner, explain how I don’t appreciate him renting to such inconsiderate people, perhaps he might be inclined to evict them.

The last week has been particularly exhausting physically and mentally.  I have been doing a lot of kayak tours, charters, and since last Saturday night with that rental fiasco, I haven’t been in the happiest of moods, as many others on the dock are starting to find out.  Now I have to put up with noisy and annoying neighbors.  If I say something, it’s just going to escalate and I am a feared that when I leave the boat to go do stuff, they may do something to the boat.

Ever since I have lived here in this marina, I have never felt a need to lock up the boat when I go someplace.  That ended this weekend.  I bought a cheap lock and will now have to keep the boat secured when I am away.

This has nothing to do with the change of ownership of the marina.  This is because of the that neighbor who has all the toys.  And it’s really starting to piss me off.  The stress of this summer with the goings on, the inability to make the boat swap, and now neighbors I can’t trust, it’s all building to a bad ending.  I really need to get out of here soon.  Sell the boat, find a place on land, and get the stress out of my life.  Everything else has been going so well here, But I am just fed up with these issues about living at this marina.

Time for a change.

Capt. Fritter

  3 Responses to “New Neighbors = New Problems…”

  1. agreed.
    constant never ending high stress is eventually a killer. it really is.
    the physical body finally takes all it can handle and the immune system is weakened.
    enter some form of debilitation. heart… cancer… you name it. and you don’t need that.
    a good time to cut your losses and leave. and get your life back.

  2. “Manatee Fritters….Living on a sailboat in Key West with Shitty Neighbors”

    “Manatee Fritters… Pissed off white guy living on a boat in Key West”

    “Manatee Fritters…. F U”

    I like 1 & 3. You could also be “Manatee Fritters… Landlocked Captain” as long as you’re happy who cares. Shitty neighbors are everywhere… I just have a feeling you have a better chance of getting them on that little rock then other places.

    • Update: it appears they will be departing when they can get their engine running. Or by the middle of the month, whichever comes first.
      C. F.