Aug 122013

A few minor but interesting things have gone down here at the Marina Of Lost Dreams.  To start with, the bait shop, where I spent a large amount of time because of the proximity of the wifi appears to be ready to undergo some remodeling.  The temporary storage unit that did house the bait shop has now closed.  The marina is no longer selling anything except fuel, bait, and ice.  No drinks, snacks, nor anything else.   A rather perplexing move given that boaters who come in from a long day of fighting nature and the cold, black, heartless sea, are usually hot, tired, hungry, and thirsty.  Nonetheless, you can get gas, bait and ice, and nothing else.

There is one upside however, the router for the marina wifi has moved over to the office and now, I can pick up the signal, nice and strong, directly from my boat.  So until they shut it down, I will take full advantage of it.

One other interesting thing happened too.  The temporary showers that were brought in a month ago have vanished.  To my knowledge they were never used.  It was thought by all that the HMFIC was going to tear down the bathhouse and laundry but that doesn’t look like it will happen anytime soon.

The other day, one resident, a single mother with a 7 year old daughter who lives in the first slip, came out of her boat, sopping wet and looking rather agitated.  I paid it no mind as I don’t really care but a few minutes later she was seen talking to a Monroe County Deputy.  I did hear the deputy ask if she had, “seen the man before.”, indicating that something may have happened.  I didn’t ask, but the next day, surveillance cameras were installed in the bathhouse and laundry room, (no, not in the bathrooms, just the hallway).   I am guessing maybe someone tried to sneak into the showers while the mom was in there and ran when she spotted him.  Or maybe the lord and master is paranoid and just wants to spy on all of us.  The locks to the showers are coded and only residents are supposed to have the code.  But with all the transients coming and going, it’s pretty easy for someone to get the code and cause trouble.

For now, life goes on despite all the hubbub from the summer.  A few people have pulled out, unsure of the circumstances.  I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of the Spirit so I can get moved in and start anew.  The sooner that boat gets here, the sooner I can start getting it set up the way I want and be prepared should I have to leave.  It’s been a long hot summer full of distractions and setbacks, and I am ready for some calm winds, easy sailing, and getting back to living a life again.


  2 Responses to “Living Aboard: Marina Update…”

  1. and we’re ready for you too capt.
    it’s been and continues to be a wild ride.
    maybe mr rich pockets has become bored? or maybe there’re more snags than his money can so easily solve. he doesn’t seem to have much common sense to go along with all that money.
    so glad you can at least access a nice strong signal in the comfort of your own home.
    makes your job a whole lot easier.

    • I did hear from another resident. The cameras were the result of someone trying to sneak into the shower.
      C. F.