Aug 122013

It’s kept me awake at night.  It’s been in the back of my mind all the time.  I wasn’t able to concentrate.  I was short of temper, and ill of ease.  And today it finally happened.  The axe has fallen:

I got my first electric bill that reflected my running the ac every night.

I knew the days of the $5 electric bills would end soon.  It was just a matter of time before my lavish lifestyle would catch up to me.  My inability to sleep at night without the low hum of 5000 BTU’s of cool air flowing through the expanse of the cabin was now going to cost me big time.  So this morning, I got up and had a bracer of cold chocolate milk to help me face what was coming.  I deliberately held off on spending any funds on unnecessary things like edible food.  I went without, in hopes that I could somehow scratch together enough hard earned pennies to pay for my sins.  I gathered up the necessary things, my wallet, a check, a pen filled with my blood, the blood of a foolish lifestyle, and reluctantly made my way over to the Office Of Infinite Despair.  I cautiously opened the creaky door, trudged slowly to the desk where my punishment awaited, and asked the lady for my utility bill.  She handed down to me the parchment from her lofty perch, thunder rumbled in the distance.  It vaguely smelled of sulphur and brimstone.  It burned my fingers when I touched it.  I was shaking uncontrollably as I lowered my gaze to the total at the bottom.  I gasped.  I screamed.  I fainted to the floor……just kidding.   It was $15.

$15 whole dollars for running the ac, a fridge, a small fan, and charging the iPhone and computer.  Plus $.46 cents for water.  I figgered somewhere up around $30 would be more fitting and that may well happen on next months bill, but now I know I can remain comfy and cool at night while I sleep without breaking the bank.  $15 for electricity in the middle of the summer in Key West, Florida.  My neighbor with all the toys easily drops several hundred each month.   AC units run night and day on both his boats along with lights, large fridges, tv’s, and who knows what else.  Nope. this minimalism thingy is really starting to pay off.

The big question of course is, does the Spirit have AC?  If memory serves, the owner said he did have a small unit like I have on the Seacraft and does like I do, sits it in the hatchway, and plugs into the shore power.  It that be true, I will do the same.   If not, I may just sweat things out for the fall and go without.  Beyond that, I won’t be using a fridge, just an icebox, and I may be able to just set up a solar panel with a couple batteries for everything else.  While there will be a higher initial cost, it will free me from the need for any shore power and should I move on, I won’t have to worry about electric hook ups anywhere.

Getting rid of the electric company has been a goal of mine for a long time.  No need for a grid, no putting up with down time from storms, and no corporate masters to obey.  Not that they will miss my business always.  I don’t think the loss of $15 will affect their bottom line all that much.

$15 for a month of electricity.  In case you are wondering, this is what minimalism looks like.  Come on down and try it sometime.  It’s really cool, literally.

Capt. Fritter

Bet I sleep pretty good tonight!

  3 Responses to “The Moment I Have Been Dreading All Summer Is Here…”

  1. I would LOVE a $15 electric bill. I am not sure that I could get my electrical bill down to $15 even without running the AC, TV, fridge, etc… I am pretty sure I have an electrical “leak” somewhere….

  2. I did not know I came across like that… A mix of Cruella DeVille and the wicked witch of the west.
    Watch out for my flying monkeys