Aug 212013

The day of reckoning is at hand.  If all goes well the boat swap happens this weekend.  The other folks have a trailer for the Spirit and are planning on delivering the boat here on Saturday afternoon.  I have been busy getting the Seacraft ready.  I took down the boom and tomorrow the mast will come down.  Then I will need to batten a few hatches and swash a few buckles.

I’ve arranged to borrow a tow boat from Aquatic Boat Rentals along with a mate or two to help tow the Seacraft to the yard where I will pick up the Spirit.  The motor for the Spirit is still in the shop being redone and may not be ready when they come down but I can get it later on.  It should all go pretty smoothly but there will always be snags along the way.  The bad part is I tend to have to spend some money to get things done.  For example the mast pin, which is a 5 inch bolt that holds the mast down was rusted so the nut wouldn’t come off.  I had to drop a few bucks for a hacksaw to get it off and then buy a new bolt and nut, which was given to me by my very nice neighbor at West Marine.

I’ve shut down the grill and I will be shutting down the fridge soon.  So my cooking will be limited and my food budget will get skewed until I settle into the new boat.  When Monday comes I will need to transfer the title to the Spirit into my name, meaning some money for a new title, registration, and sales tax, but that shouldn’t be too much.

So I will have lots to do over the next 4 or 5 days.  I may lay off the posting for the duration, or at least only post a quick update if I have time, I need to get this thing done and over with so I can move on to the next adventure.  Thanks to everyone who has commented and thrown up some support for this move.  If it all goes well I will be posting a lot more about it in the future.  There are a lot of little interesting tidbits that will go along with moving into a smaller boat.

So off I go, into the unknown once again.  Be back soon.

Capt. Fritter

  7 Responses to “It’s Happening…”

  1. EXCITING !!!
    and when you get back… we want PICTURES! pictures. do ya hear?
    we haven’t gone through all this with your for nothing!!!!

  2. you’re so bad!

  3. Well, when you are ready to take an excursion, sail on up to Cudjoe, I have a place you can tie off and should have fresh fish for dinner by then! We were going to invite you up for the big unloading party, but Alanda rightly pointed out that you would give us that “what do you need with all this stuff” look each time you came out of the truck, so we will wait, and hide all of our unnecessary crap when you sail up! Looking forward to seeing the new boat! See ya in about a week!

    • And just exactly what DO you need with all that stuff?
      C. F.

      • I guess I didn’t drink ALL of my kool-aid, but I am getting there! We did get rid of a ton, and weeding out more every day!

  4. Yay! We’re all ready. 🙂