Aug 252013

I’ve got some time to do nothing as we still await the boat swap today so thought I would toss up an update.

The Spirit is out of the water, on a trailer, and as of this post sitting someplace in Miami.  They got it lifted and strapped down with no problems last I heard.  As a bonus the marina who did the lifting also cleaned the bottom.  It is now ready for painting which is most unfortunate as I have no budget for bottom painting at the moment.  So I will need to keep the bottom cleaned off, about once a month, until I can put some cash away to take care of that job.

The Seacraft is all but ready.  The mast is down, I just need to re wrap the stays and lines, and tie it down to the boat.  I’ve cleaned out all the junk, not much, and have to just finish packing my backpack later today.  I have a bag of consumables and other non essentials, a cooler which will be empty, and the cat supplies.  All that I will sit on the dock while making the boat swap so we don’t have to waste time moving stuff.  I also will be keeping the ac unit from the Seacraft.  All that will be on the dock.  I will be taking my back pack with the essentials, the two cats in their carry bags, and my sea bag.  That way when we make the swap I can transfer everything quickly.

The big hold up now is the marina where we will do the swap.  Everything was set for Monday then on Friday, they said they couldn’t do anything on Monday.  Since they, and the only other marina who has a lift are closed on the weekends, we have been unable to find out if this will happen on Monday or not.  It may get delayed until Wednesday.  The problem is the couple with the Spirit have to start the new semester next week so they work on Tuesday.  They wanted to get here early on Monday, do the swap and be home at a decent hour so they could get ready for work.  But the marina gods are not cooperating.  I am somewhat amazed that on an island with such a huge and vibrant boating community, marinas are actually closed on the weekends and even at that, only have bankers hours.

I tried, in vain of course, to get our beloved Marina of Lost Hope to assist but no go.  A ramp is not possible because of the way the boat sits on the trailer.  It’s too high, almost 3 feet off the ground, and there is no ramp deep enough to get the Spirit off the trailer, let alone the Seacraft back on.

So, I wait.  The cats sense something is up as they are hiding.  They do not travel well and this will be a majorly scary experience for them.  But by the first night on the Spirit they will have settled down.

Hopefully this will all get done quickly.  I’ll be back when it does.

Capt. Fritter

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  1. wow.
    thanks for the update. was wondering.
    best of luck capt!

  2. Good luck.

  3. Good luck! Hope it works out!