Aug 272013

Before I go any further, and since I know how anxious you all are to know what has happened…Whilst towing the Seacraft to the marina she sprung a leak and sank into the mud between the channels.  I managed to save the cats and the computer but lost everything else and now face charges by the Coast Guard for operating an unseaworthy vessel….just kidding, everything went fine.  I have the Spirit at the slip and I’m sitting in the ac on the berth in my new boat.  So quit worrying.

So now for all the sordid details of how the day went down, because if there is one thing you Fritters enjoy, it’s sordidity.

I woke up Monday morning to the pleasant sounds of thunder booming over head and rain pelting the deck of the Seacraft.  “Great”, I thought, “This day is off to a good start.”  But as the morning went on, the rain passed through and the weather improved.  The couple with the Seacraft called around 9:00 and had confirmed that 3D would do the lift and drop for each boat.  We set a time for around 1:00 and I went to work.  I finished packing up this and that, cleaning what I could in the rain, and setting things like the ac unit and ice chest out on the dock.  I managed to capture the cats and get them into their travel boxes about the same time that the tow boat arrived.

This is when it got interesting.  We still were having some wind so getting the Seacraft out of the slip without hitting any other expensive boats was not easy.  We had one near miss and finally cleared the slip and made it into the channel.  We got to 3D without incident and got everything tied off.  The Spirit arrived about 20 minutes later.  It took about 30 minutes to get the boats lifted and dropped into the water and the other back on the trailer without incident.

Let me take a moment to give a major shout out to the folks at 3D boatyard on Stock Island.  They knew what they were doing, had no issues with either boat, and even scraped the bottom of the Seacraft and adjusted the trailer to fit.  I highly recommend them for your boating needs.

Anyways, I got the cats into the Spirit with a minimum of fuss and we towed the Spirit back to the marina.  Getting it into the slip was way more easier than getting the Seacraft out.  Everything got tied down ok, the couple from Miami came by with the Seacraft riding proud on the trailer, we did our title swap and we went out separate ways.  They will be back down later with the motor which is still in the shop being redone.

As easy as it all sounds, it was a very long, stressful, and hot day.  What didn’t help was I had no food on board, and nothing but water to drink.  So by 4:00 I was about done.  I finally stopped and got something to eat and felt better.  But now as I write this post on Monday night, the day is catching up with me.  I am beat.

The cats are adjusting quickly and starting to snoop around their new home.  As it is with any new place, there is crap all over the place and I am just trying to settle in.  I got the ac hooked up, it fits rather nicely in the hatchway, and I am starting to cool down.

There is lot to talk about with the Spirit.  It’s going to be a project to get it into the shape I want but overall I like the boat.  The cabin, for what it lacks in headroom, actually feels roomier than the Seacraft.  For now, I am falling asleep here in front of the computer so I am going to sign off.  Tuesday I have lots to do and I can start making plans for what I need on this boat.  But the bottom line is, the deal is done and all is well.

Thanks everyone for your comments and support.  Appreciate it.

Capt. Fritter

Also a big thank you to AJ at Kayak Kings for providing the towing services.  It was stressful and difficult but I couldn’t have done it with him.

  6 Responses to “The Longest Day…”

  1. Great news Capt! Glad the swap went smoothly and you are in your new home now! Look forward to seeing some pictures!

  2. ditto julia.
    so happy capt. that all went well. you deserve a break!
    and a rest.
    and i’m glad it feels more spacious than your other boat. that means a lot.
    I bet kc and charlie are happy it’s all over!!!

  3. Hope you and the cats enjoy your new home…


  4. Tiring but worth it–that’s good news indeed. Hopefully it won’t take as long to get the motor as it took to get the boat.

  5. Would love to see a picture of the new boat!

  6. Glad to hear everything went as well as it did. As you alluded to in your opening…things could have been much worse and luck-typical for some of us, haha. Rest up!