Sep 042013

Yesterday it rained for the first time since I got the Spirit, which is a good thing, because it gave me a chance to find all the leaks, and there are leaks. Most notably, the four cabin windows, especially the two over where I sleep. The leaks ain’t bad, just annoying and will need to be fixed. The quick and dirty way is to run some 5200 around the edges of the windows and hope that holds for a while. While it may stop most of the leaks, the real fix is to remove the windows and replace the inner seals, again most likely with 5200. Only issue with that is each window has 28 screws holding it on so there will be a lot of, um, screwing around going on. Cost wise it’s not a big deal, about $30 worth of sealant should do the trick, and replace a few screws that I will no doubt drop overboard. I would prefer to do this when the weather is cooler so the sealant dries quicker and doesn’t run but if we get enough rain and I get irritated enough, I may just do it sooner. And there is always the chance of finding some unusual something inside the window frames when I take them out. Either way, it needs to be done soon. Nothing I enjoy more than being woken up in the middle of the night by cold water dripping on me.

The rear hatchway also leaked, mainly because of the ac unit being not sealed in properly. I could fix it by throwing away the ac but I kinda like it right now so I did the next best thing. I picked up a cheap tarp and hung it over the rear of the cabin and hatch. It seems to be holding ok and when I get the mast up I will rig something a bit stronger.

I’m slowly getting the cabin squared away. Finding places for stuff. I may need to get a cheap drawer and shelf to fashion a crude galley and keep some food in.

One thing I did find that may be bad. My two sails are in a bag now and beside them was a small part of a sail. I hope that it isn’t a piece of the main sail cut off or anything. If so, it means a new sail and even for a little boat like this, sails ain’t cheap.

A friend of my who works at West Marine is keeping his eye out for deals on this and that. Nothing specific but if he thinks it may interest me he will let me know. Always a good thing. I have to watch my spending as it is dependent on income right now. I pick up a piece of hardware here, something else small there, but all this nickel and dime stuff will add up quick if I ain’t careful.

I also picked up some scuttlebutt on another marina that I have had my eye on for awhile. It changed owners and liveaboards are apparently welcome. Their prices are in line with what I am paying here but I suspect their standards are a bit higher. If the Spirit was all squared away and painted and stuff I would go and check the place out but I need to get this boat ready first. At least it sounds like a viable option if things take a downturn here at the Marina of Broken Dreams.

One last thing but pretty cool. Diana Nyad just completed a swim from Cuba to Key West over the weekend…without a shark cage…on her fifth try…at the tender age of 64. Took her 50 hours and she was greeted by thousands of people on Smathers Beach upon her arrival. That is one tough woman. Anyways, her support team and boat are docked here at the marina so it’s been lots of hustle and bustle as they celebrate her feat. Tuesday every news station in South Florida was here to interview her so if you see any of the interview online, that’s where I live in the background.

Again, congratulations to Diana for her great adventure. Proof that we Baby Boomers can still pack a wallop.

Capt. Fritter

No word on when she will be swimming back to Cuba but it should be easier since it will be downhill all the way.

  6 Responses to “Living Aboard: The First Rain…”

  1. i hope that mr rich pants is not like the average 2 year old that all mothers know about.
    it’s when they’re QUIET that it means trouble.
    surely the spirit would look good enough to live at the other marina? a dab of white paint?
    or am I being too simplistic?
    i know next to nothing about boats.

    • Boats are like wimmen.
      They promise to make your dreams come true.
      Then they take all your money.
      And leave you a broken shell of what you used to be.
      C. F.

  2. LOL.
    good lord. you’re a battered pirate.
    and here I thought you’d pick up on the brilliant analogy of the rich man being a two year old. LOLOL.
    you never disappoint.
    maybe you disappointed a few wimmin. BA HAHA HAHA . . . as in . . . you were UNTAMEABLE.

  3. wow.
    i read the entire thing. such a paradox of a man.
    it’s possible he’s broke again. given his past history.
    or. he’s lost interest and is back in the monastery in Vermont or wherever trying to become more ‘spiritual’ . . .
    he reminds me a little of aristotle onassis.
    and as you say… totally untrustworthy. he says it himself as a warning almost . . .
    “how do you become the biggest tree in the forest? you either grow bigger than all the rest or you cut down all the other trees.”
    worse than sad. dangerous.

  4. Tammy;

    B reak
    O ut
    A nother
    T housand