Sep 122013

thAs you know I gave up the grill with the SeaCraft as there is no place to mount one on the Spirit at the moment.  But I find myself missing it a bit, especially after seeing how much I am spending on food since I am not cooking.  A $20 toaster oven will tide me over should I decide on that route but I really wanted to look into other alternatives, in particular, something that didn’t use fossil fuels like grid power or propane.  Last night, I may have found such an alternative in the GoSun Solar Cooker.

If this thing lives up to the claims of the manufacturer it could be the way to go for easy and clean solar cooking.  The concept is simple.  A solar panel, a glass tube, a tray, and some sunlight.  It heats up to cooking temperature in about ten minutes and and can cook stuff anywhere from a few minutes to an hour.  There is a recipe book included that is geared towards food that will fit in the tray.

The whole device is lightweight and compact, easy to set up, and clean.  There is a mini version also.  The company building this is still in Kickstarter Mode but they have already met their goal.  If you donate a certain amount you can get one of the cookers at a reduced price.

Compared to the price of a grill plus the fuel, this looks to be a pretty good alternative for cooking.  It should fit on the boat easily and there is plenty of sunshine around these parts so it would work just about any day.  I’m seriously looking into this and I really hope it does what they say it does.  It could solve a lot of issues and not cost a lot of cash.  I will let you know what I find out.

Capt. Fritter

Ya know, we could solve a large amount of our problems with energy, power, and lot’s of other things if we just used some of the natural things that we take for granted on this planet.  Sun and wind.  Clean, efficient, and always there.  We are unlikely to run out of either in the foreseeable future plus we won’t have to destroy the planet or kill brown people to get it.  It’s all right there if we just get our heads out of our asses and find ways to utilize it, like the people at GoSun are doing.  So damn simple.

  3 Responses to “Living Aboard: GoSun Solar Cooker…”

  1. you said it all.
    in your last paragraph.

  2. The tray on that cooker is long and narrow so everything would have to be cut into strips to cook in it. I wonder how much water it will take to clean my knife and cutting board? Of course if you’ve just filleted fresh caught fish anyway…

    • The website says that the recipes are based on Asian style cooking, like a wok. Smaller food pieces which cook faster. You won’t be doing roast beef or things like that on it.
      C. F.