Sep 142013

Notification is being made to all the residents of the marina of a meeting late next week to discuss the development plans of the property.  On hand will be he who shall not be named to give us his valued and all mighty insights.  And who knows, maybe to pass out a bunch of eviction notices.  Hope for the best, expect the worst.

In addition, the flyers notifying of said meeting have a post script, “Bathhouse cards will be available for purchase”.  Now ever since the recent peeping tom incident, a contractor has spent the better part of the last month installing new security measures in the bathhouse.  Cameras in the hallways, and setting up a new electronic lock that requires a card to open.  No big deal.  It’s safe, secure, and should work.  The question is, what will they cost?   When I was living up in Marathon at the campground there was a similar set up for the laundry machines.  You bought a card with x dollar amounts on it and when it was used up you refilled it at the office.  I am curious now if the same set up will apply for the bathhouse.  Will we now have to pay to use them or will we simply be renting the card and getting a deposit back when we leave?  Having to pay for the “privilege” of using the showers and toilets would not surprise me.  If it is just a deposit for the card, that works for me, but if it becomes an extra cost every month to stay clean and handle other bodily functions, well, it would not surprise me.  So, we all now have a week to wonder and worry about what new bullshit is coming down on us.  And that is what is bothering me the most.

It’s been 4 months now since the marina changed ownership.  Ever since then, living here has not been a happy time.  Residents are on edge, everyone is in a bad mood all the time, and there is the constant worry about what is going to happen to us.  At least this up coming meeting will hopefully answer some questions, and I suspect we ain’t gonna like some of those answers. But it still boils down to one thing:  I haven’t been having a happy fun time all summer and I am sick of it.  This marina deal has been a pain in the ass.  It took me 30 years to move to Key West and all I’ve wanted to do is find a nice quiet little corner of the island to live on, make a few bucks building apps and websites, and enjoy all that the island has to offer.  It’s not the money end that is bothering me.  I’ve always had money issues.  In fact, I’ve been able to get by on what I have been generating a lot easier here than when I lived on the mainland.  But ever since the marina deal, everyday I have that constant nagging feeling in the back of my little mind that I am going to have to move, and not be able to, or can’t afford to, or I won’t be able to find another place.  And I am getting damn sick and tired of it.

The one good thing is the fact that I now have the Spirit instead of the Seacraft.  Next weekend I will have the engine and the boat will be moveable.  I’m just a couple of halyards and a few pieces of rigging away from being able to raise the sails.  Electrics, a toilet, and a few other things are just out of reach, but doable if I can grab a few app projects.  I know where I want to go, all I need to do is get the boat ready to go there.  It’s all just so close.

I’m even considering, should circumstances warrant, of going on the hook out at the mooring field for a few months.  It’s not what I want, and while it would save me some money on rent, I would have to drop money on some other things for the boat like a dinghy to get back and forth to shore.  It’s becoming more and more tempting to do that but I am not going to push the panic button right yet.  See what the meeting brings up.

I know it will all work out eventually.  I will get the Spirit up to what I want, move into the other marina, and be able to sit back and relax for the first time in a long time.  How long it will take is the big question.  I have an idea what the costs will be.  And I know what needs to be done to the boat.  It just needs to happen.  And as the bovine fecal matter continues to spread around this place, I get more anxious to get it all done.

I’m just tired of having to worry and think about all this.  It has affected everything, my business, my attitude, everything.  I’m living on a sailboat in Key West and life should be more better than it has been this summer.  It’s time to start making it more better.

Capt. Fritter

  3 Responses to “Ok, Here We Go…”

  1. That just sucks about the changes. Just keep working on things to get the boat in better condition so you can live on the hook if it comes to that. If you end up having to do so, you wouldn’t have the crept payment of a dock slip, but you would have other things to worry about – like you said, getting a dingy, fixing the porta potty like you mentioned in an earlier post, a grill, form of power to charge the phone and laptop….

    If you could get to that point though, you would be saving that rent money which would be great.

    Maybe some of the things you would need could be found on Craigslist?

    Either way – whatever you do and whatever ends up happening, chin up Captain. You’ve made it this far and if I know you, you’re not going to let some jerk ruin everything.

  2. just when i thought he was into his ‘staring at his belly button’ phase . . . safely stashed away in his multi million dollar ashram.
    does there come a moment in your mind when you wonder if truly living on a boat is worth it?
    it seems such a struggle to simply maintain the basics of life. like eating and peeing. and getting clean.
    i know there are no cheap apts in the keys apparently. but surely there has to be an option out there of some kind.
    i mean . . . even in places like vail and breckenridge where all the rich live and go to play . . .
    where do the people live who SERVE all those rich people? they have to live somewhere too.
    it’s always a puzzlement to me. the price you pay for living in paradise i guess.
    you’re a survivor capt. and you know yourself well. and your situation.
    but the constant stress you’ve been under for such a long time . . .
    that makes major illness in your body if you’re not careful. it’s a danger. very real. and serious.

  3. Waiting and not knowing are so stressful. Hope you can get moved soon. Until then I hope it is a deposit card not a pay to use situation.