Sep 182013

The meeting with the marina guru’s ain’t until tomorrow but as I was in the neighborhood today I stopped by and asked about the cost of the security cards.  The manager, as usual, was non committal, muttering something to the effect, “We’ll all know later today.”.  But some woman who was there and didn’t identify herself, but I suspect was part of the HOA said the cards could be purchased for $50.  Not a deposit mind you, but a purchase because someone decided that the use of a simple term like deposit was not good enough.  You can sell your card if you want or sell it back when you leave the marina and get your $50 non deposit back.  Lose a card, pay another $50 for a new one.  Simple enough, but a bit pricey.  I’m guessing to keep the riff and raff out.  I did ask if that was a per use card, and everyone laughed, then someone said, “Not a bad idea.”.

Anyways, I will have more details after the meeting tomorrow.  Should be fun.

Capt. Fritter