Sep 242013

I’ve had some time to think, always a dangerous thing, about the meeting we had with he who shall not be named, and our beloved HOA regarding the future of the marina.

HWSNBN is a very charismatic speaker.  He said all the right things and basically told everyone what they wanted to hear.  He is also a business man and a salesman.  Make no mistake here, his motive is to make money.  You don’t spend millions on a property like this without expecting some kind of return.  And anything that inhibits said return will be removed.  While he said he had a change of heart regarding live aboards, as an aside he also added, “As long as everyone follows the rules.”  This can mean a lot of things but I believe it means that the standards for keeping a boat here at this marina, and living on it, will be a lot higher than they are now.  Meaning me and my little scow ain’t gonna fit in.  I realize that and as long as I have some time to get things together before they kick me out, that is ok.  I know what I want done to the Spirit and I now have a good idea where I want to go.  Just gotta make it happen.

But for others, who may think they are safe, well, things will change next year.  One resident I talked to believes we will have 3 years before anything major happens around here.  I personally believe we will start seeing major changes as early as the Spring of next year.

Now while HESNBN said live aboards are ok, he is not going to blatantly change his mind, unless something happens.  Some resident causes trouble, or a slip owner decides they don’t want to make the changes that are coming.  If something does happen, he will turn an about face very quickly, and start getting rid of us.  But he won’t be doing that, the HOA will.

I continue to have a very bad feeling about the HOA.  There was just something unsettling about the way they acted at the meeting, I cannot put a finger on it, but something feels like it is going on behind the scenes.  Pressuring the slip owners to raise their standards, get rid of the low lifes, charge higher slip rents, it could be anything.  I do not trust them in the least bit and I believe we renters will be having more trouble with them than anything else around here.  Call it paranoia, or whatever, my gut tells me to watch our backs as things move along here.

Bottom line:  He is going to build a high end resort that will attract a more affluent crowd.  It will be devoid of character, sterile, overly bureaucratic in it’s workings, and be nothing like what the Keys once was.  That is what he does.  Out with the old, in with the new.  It will attract the sort of people who, while they may have money, have no idea of what the Keys were, nor do they care.  They will want to come to be seen at the cool new resort that everyone at the country club is talking about.  They want to hang out by the pool that gets cleaned three times a day, eat at a restaurant that imports seafood from other areas, and be safe behind gates and walls from the outside world.  And the last thing they want to look at from their view out their over priced condo’s, is a bunch of dirty, ill kept, live aboards.  We won’t fit in at all around here, no matter what they are telling us now.

All of this may be just mental masturbation at this point.  Everything I do now, is going to be geared towards getting the Spirit seaworthy, live aboard worthy, and cosmetically worthy.  I know what it is going to cost, I know how long it will take, all I need is the finances, which are in short supply right now.  Sept. was a very bad month for the whole island and nobody is spending money on apps or websites.  I may be living on the hook sooner than planned if things do not improve.

I will say that I am tired of dealing with all this, as I am sure you all are tired of reading about it.  It’s been going on since June and has been the main focus of my life since.  It’s time to get some things done and move on.  There are more important adventures out there than this.

Capt. Fritter