Sep 262013

I’ve been staying busy updating some of the apps for iOS 7.  Manatee Fritters will have a new look.  Key Lime Pie gets a major facelift, it will be much more better with less bandwidth and an easier to use interface.  These updates will be coming out in a week or so and more updates will be coming.

Please, please, please, if you haven’t already, update to iOS 7.  It is well worth it and you won’t be able to update some of the apps until you do.  You can still run the older version if you are on iOS 6 but for the new stuff, you will need to upgrade.

Using the new program, Xcode 5, has been quite the learning curve.  A lot of changes but for the better.  With each update I am learning more and more.  Hopefully it will translate into cleaner and lighter apps that are easy for you to use.

Around the marina of lost dreams, I managed to get the holy of holies this week, the new bath house security card.  I had to sign a triplicate form, in blood, swear an oath to the Charmin’ tissue gods, vow to protect the toilets from clogs, and not leave any hairs on the walls of the showers, but at least I will be able to use the bathrooms and laundry.  The cards are a classic case of corporate overkill.  Each card has an 18 digit serial number, which was recorded with my name.  At the meeting it was made abundantly clear that the marina will have a record of each use of the card:  time, duration, activity, amount of water use, toilet paper use, and other details.  Ok, not quite that detailed but they will be able to tell who used their card and when.  So when some heinous bath house crime is committed, they can narrow down the suspects.  It’s amazing how corporations love to take such trivial matters and turn them into all important life changing events.  Even throwing out hints that such procedures are the actual law of the land.  It’s a fucking bath house and laundry.  All we want to do is use the toilets, take a shower, and clean our clothes.  Bureaucracy is alive and well here on this simple island.

On a more pleasant note, fritter fan Chris paid the island a visit over the past week.  He came all the way down from the great North West to see if Key West is to his liking.  He read my book, and paid attention to the part where I suggest that anyone coming to this rock to live should do some serious research first.  We got to spend an afternoon talking about stuff and I gave him the grand tour of Stock Island including lunch (on his dime, thanks again Chris, the conch sammich was awesome at the Hogfish.  They serve it every Friday, $15 and it will fill you up.), and he got to see the Spirit in all her glory.  I’ve asked him to write a guest post on his thoughts and first impressions on Key West and the islands and he has agreed to do so after he gets back home and settled in.  Look for it soon.

As for any of you other followers out there who may be considering a move down here and are planning on coming down to scout around, feel free to contact me when you do and I will be happy to meet up with you to show you around a bit.  There is a lot more to this place than meets the eye and it’s always good to have a local, who ain’t totally burnt out on drugs/booze/parties, to give you some insight.

I haven’t been doing anything to the boat, due to a shortage of that money thingie that I keep hearing about.  I did go take a look at some tools that I will be needing when the serious stuff gets going.  Drills, grinders, sanders, and all that sort of stuff.  Most of that will be needed when I haul out for paint.  I will be needing a smattering of hand tools for other things.  The Sears in town has a decent selection and their brand has always done well for me.  Sad part is I had most everything I needed a few years back, before I got rid of it all.  Oh well, that is how it goes.  Upside, I won’t need to invest in any high end stuff, most of this will be one time use sort of things and I may even find some tools to rent, or pick up at a garage sale.  I won’t buy until it comes time for need, unless I happen to come across a good deal on something.

Speaking of money and wasteful spending, Oct. 1st is when Obamacare kicks in.  At that time everyone in the country will have to start finding health insurance, and have it in place by the first of the year, otherwise they will be declared a criminal and hunted down with packs of rabid dogs.  Here in Florida, the state has opted not to cooperate with the Feds and there are currently no state run exchanges where one can find a suitable policy.  There is also no indication of what said policies will cost.  Being as poor and destitute as my current situation is, I have no doubts I can walk in, plead poverty and they will hand me a free insurance policy with a low deductible and maybe even a dental plan.  Yeah, I have no doubts about that.

This is going to be one of the most epic clusterfucks in the history of the nation.  I joke about what I had to go through just to get a bath house card.  Imagine what’s going to happen once this healthcare fiasco takes hold.  I’ve only had to use health insurance once, when I had some surgery following a motorcycle wreck.  It worked, only cost me about $100 out of pocket, but even with the insurance paying everything, the paper work, the bureaucracy and confusion was over the top.  Now, as I close in on the age of 60, and no doubt will have health issues going forward, I cannot imagine any scenario where I will be able to afford any kind of coverage.  Government is not noted for doing anything the easy way.  The medical industry is like any other business, it is out for profit.  And Florida is not noted for doing anything particularly smart when it comes to this sort of thing.  It’s going to be a mess.  Do not get sick, do not have any accidents, avoid having to do anything regarding health procedures if you can, at least until this thing settles down.  And even then, it ain’t gonna be easy.

I am not sure what I will do.  I cannot afford any health insurance right now.  It’s all I can do to stay above water, literally.  Things like car insurance are mandated, if you own a car and want to drive on the highways.  Property insurance is mandated, at least by the mortgage holder to protect their investment.  You can avoid those by not owning a car or property.  But mandating health insurance.  No getting around it.  I suspect there will be more than a few others besides myself who will become criminals in January, without every having committed a crime.  All the government had to do was make the declaration that everyone has to have health insurance, and then sit back and watch the carnage.  It’s going to be most unpleasant.

Capt. Fritter

  3 Responses to “Living Aboard: A Few Tidbits…”

  1. Thanks again for meeting and chatting with me! Had a great time and unfortunately it wasnt until the last day or two that I really was able to take in the relaxed island style. I learned quite a bit while I was down there that I didnt expect before my visit. I’ll be putting together my thoughts on my visit here soon. Was a great time!

  2. Sorry I missed you on my trip last month. I should have given you a shout, but that was during the whole boat-moving-preparing thing and I figured best to let you deal with that. Next time IOU. I loved your book and have been doing mucho research as well as visiting 2-3x a year. The thing that scares me most is this whole deal with the Citizens insurance rates. I can barely swing a Keys-level payment. No way I can afford thousands upon thousands for flood insurance on top of it all.

  3. well the way around not having insurance maybe to pay the fine which I think in the first year is 1% of the persons income for the year you didnt have the required coverage. So as I understand it, come tax time in 2015 (for 2014 tax year) you will owe 1% more “tax” .. this is the whole debate you get a higher tax (or fine) for not buying a product. IMO John Roberts wrote a weak opinion, I believe he switched sides last minute because he was concerned about the history of his court looking like a partisan body