Oct 102013

Bleeding of money that is.  Yesterday was a rather eventful day as I got things going with the Spirit in earnest.

To start off with, the boat is now officially my property.   Sign a few papers, fork over a few pieces of eight, and I now have a legal boat in terms of the registration and title.

I also managed to score a sweet deal on 200 feet of 5/16″ line.  I now have enough for the main and jib halyard, and the jib sheets.  Today I am cutting and splicing each piece and if all goes well, the mast will be ready to go up by the weekend, and this thing will start looking like a real sailboat again.

I’m splicing some loops into each piece and thanks to a neighbor, and with the help of a bribe of a case of beer, I was able to borrow a splicing kit, which saved me about $50.  The deal I got on the line was also substantial and I wound up getting just about all that I need for this particular job at half of what I was expecting to pay.

Next step after the mast goes up will be to repair or replace the blocks on the running rigging and then get some more line for the main sheet.  That is the part that controls the boom for the main sail.  Then the rudder will need to be looked after.  Beyond that, raise the sails and see what shape they are in and if all goes well, this sailboat will be able to actually sail.

I’ll need a couple of safety items too, and I have found some deals on that stuff, and once done, the boat will be fully legal and moveable on the water.  Then I can move onto other things like the toilet, electrics, and such.  After that, cosmetics.  It’s starting to come together finally.  And I am real encouraged by how much I managed to save on this initial project.  I will need to be on the look out for more better deals.

There is a local small sailing boat club over at Garrison Bight that I want to check out.  They have a social every Friday for the general public.  I may sneak over there and see if there are any deals on stuff.  The Flea Market up in Big Pine Key is now open on the weekends and if memory serves there used to be a vendor or two who sold marine stuff at reasonable prices.  It may be worth a bus ride up there to take a look.

But for now, the boat is legal, and hopefully, the mast goes up soon.  A few cannons, a cutlass or two, and the Spirit will be ready for a bit o’ plundering.

Capt. Fritter