Oct 122013

20131011-102151.jpgSometimes, it’s the little things that make a big difference.  Like yesterday when the mast went up on the Spirit.  It may not seem like much, but by getting that 25′ piece of aluminum upright, it has transformed a floating slab of fiberglass into an authentic looking sailboat.This is really important to me right now.  Just the mindset I have now with this boat has completely changed.  Getting the Spirit into sailing condition is not just a whim, it is becoming a reality, and a lot faster and cheaper than I thought it would.

I knew there were things I would need to do once the mast was up.  Repair or replace some of the rigging, take care of some cosmetics, and remove some old fittings and seal up some leaks.  Now, with the mast up and out of the way, I can see more better on the deck as to what will need to be done, and the good news is, a lot less, and for a lot less money than I had originally figgered.

I shouldn’t have to replace entire blocks, but rather, if I can,just replace the inner wheels that have worn out.  This saves me a ton of money.  It all depends on me being able to remove the old wheels.  As for lines, all I need now is the main sheet, and a few small shackles for the halyards.  None of this is a large sum of cash.  Once done, I can attach and raise the sails and see what shape they are in.  If the sails are good, all that will remain is to get the rudder fixed, and this boat can sail.

Despite the current lack of income, I’m going for broke, literally, and get as much done as I can before the end of the month.  If things don’t improve, I may end up on the hook for a while.  i have a couple of options there, but I am hoping I can squeeze a few more months here at the marina of doom.   In the meantime it would be nice to have a sailboat that I can take out occasionally and see how it handles, and get my sailing skills up to speed.

This whole project is really starting to move and I am very happy with the results so far.  Again, I cannot stress how happy I am just to get the mast up.  Even neighbors who barely talk to me came by and were impressed that the little boat had a mast up.  Just a little bit here and there, and the majority of what is needed will be done.

Capt. Fritter

With the help of a friend, the mast went up rather easily.  I doubt I could do it alone, but it would be possible with some special rigging.  Nonetheless, not a big job.

  4 Responses to “Living Aboard: A New Perspective…”

  1. so happy for you capt!
    and now you can get in and out easier too.
    free spirit.
    the perfect name for your boat.

    • I was going to call it, “Reasonably Priced Spirit”, but the stern was too small for all the letters.
      C. F.

  2. Yay for things being simpler, thus cheaper, than you thought they might be. I love seeing the mast up; it feels so much more real to me now it’s hard to imagine how much impact that must have on you. My insides are doing a happy dance for you.

  3. Excellent. What a way to lift up feelings just by lifting a mast.