Oct 162013


I found this post online a couple of days ago.  Living on $5000 a year, on purpose.  A very interesting look at some true minimalists.  Now the article, and given it is by NBC News, shows an obvious bias against living minimally.  They call it, “Intentional poor”, which is a total misunderstanding of how these people and the rest of us minimalists are living.

All these people featured in the article have gotten smart about the way things are in this country.  No longer slaves to consumerism, they avoid debt, own as little as possible, and all seem quite happy and content.  Granted the first example, a guy who ditched his family to live in the woods, may not be the ideal person whom you want to represent a lifestyle.  I have always felt that before you do go minimal, make sure all your other obligations are fulfilled.  Paying off debt, raising your kids, you know, important stuff.  If you created the responsibility or incurred the debt, you are the one who has to pay it off.  No getting around that.

But still, there he is, living on $5000 a year.  The girl featured is doing it for $1000 a month, in New York no less.  I doubt I could trim down to $5000 a year.  Hell, that is just my food bill.  But $1000 a month.  Now that is within reach.  This year I am on pace to be around $15,000 to $17,000, depending on what happens with the boat.   Rent is the tough one.  Depending on where I end up, that could drop a lot.  I do need to work on cutting back the food budget.  But hey, I do like to eat, as anyone who has had lunch with me at HogFish knows all too well.

Yet, I like to think I can cut back more.  A little here, a bit there.  I am in a fairly decent comfort zone right now with my lifestyle.  A backpack will contain all that I need, sans the two furballs.  I want for very little.  I replace only as needed.  The simple way I live, once I get this boat situation…situated, will allow me to constipate on more important things.  Getting the app business profitable.  Maybe get another book out.

When I think I can’t make it on what I am doing now, I come across a story like this and realize that living simply is easier.  There are more things I don’t need.  The cost of living don’t have to be costly.

Capt. Fritter

  2 Responses to “Living On $5000…A Year?…”

  1. Since my van is paid for and set up to live off the grid, I wonder how little I could live on. Maybe I should keep track this winter to see. I head out tomorrow so now is the time to start recording those expenses. Of course I’ve already stocked up so I’m cheating right from the get go. 🙂

    • Safe trip Linda. If you can, try to stop by and see Tammy. Sounds like she could do with a visit.
      C. F.