Oct 172013

Another major score this week.  A neighbor gave me, as in free, a very nice Igloo 12v ice chest.  It holds 40 qts, or a half of a hogshead for those of you across the pond.  I don’t know if the 12 volt part works yet, it will need a new cord, but it seems to be able to handle about 20lbs of ice for a couple of days.  I was using a soft side cooler which worked ok, but it was a pain to get stuff in and out of and the zipper for the lid was starting to go.  This one seems to be more better and you can’t beat the price.

I also found a nice small gas grill at Publix of all places.  It’s by Coleman and runs about $50 but it will solve the cooking issue for now until I decide if I want to try for that GoSun later on.  While there is the upfront price, at least I can cook again and in the long run, get the food bill back to normal.

I’ve been trying to get the blocks that need repaired ready.  I may have found some cheap alternatives for the wheels at the hardware store, if they fit.  I also plan on hitting the flea market up in Big Pine to see if I can root out any bargains.

The best news so far is I have picked up one, probably two, and maybe three website projects.  Assuming I can get all three and actually get paid for them in a timely manner, that will help tremendously with November.  Which brings up another possibility.

I have just about had enough of this damn marina.  I’ve been here a little over a year and I don’t like it anymore.  The sale and all the stress from that over the past 5 months has taken it’s toll.  I’m more surly than normal, barely talk to the neighbors, with the exception of two couples, and just downright am tired of this place.  I want to move.

The other marina beckons but I still need to haul out and paint the hull and keel.  The toilet needs installed, battery and solar panel, and get the rudder fixed.  With the new projects, I may be able to get all the water based stuff done in the next week if I move my fat lazy ass.  The web projects are easy and won’t take much time to build.  So time is not the problem.  But I am seriously considering pulling out of here at the end of the month.

The haul out should not take more than a week.  Then from there, I can go to the other marina…but…I am seriously considering the alternatives.

The idea of living on the hook, once unthinkable, is starting to look rather inviting, at least for a month or three.  The big advantage is the money.  $300 to go to the mooring field.  Hook up, grab a kayak from my client for a dinghy, and just try it and see how it goes.  The first big blow of winter will probably change my mind, but still, it would sure be nice to cut the rent in half.

I also have the offer of free mooring, over near the main harbor, should I want to risk it.  I would still have to pay the city $80 for dinghy dock access, but no rent sounds real appealing right now.

It has also been suggested that I just anchor out, north of Cow Key where some other sailboats sit, and use Cow Key Marina for shore access.  Again, very intriguing, but questionably legal.  It is a managed anchorage, but still, I suspect I would attract the wrong kind of attention.

The end of the month is coming up fast, and I need to make a decision soon.  If the web projects don’t get paid in time, it may not matter.  I will have to leave anyways.  If they do, I may just go ahead and go to the yard, get the bottom cleaned and painted, and be done with that part.  I may also just stay put for 1/2 the month if I need more time to finish stuff, boat and website, then go in.  Either way, I am ready to get out of here.

The marina of lost hopes was okay until the sale.  But since then things have gone down hill.  Once construction starts the place will be unlivable.  I am also tired of the long ride just to get out to US 1.  The road from the marina goes through one of the worst neighborhoods on Stock Island.  If I do go to the mooring field I will be a mile from Publix and a mile from downtown.  As long as I don’t mind the dinghy paddle in and out.

Still got lots to do on the Spirit so I don’t know what will happen yet.  But I suspect that sometime before now and the end of the year, I will be looking at different scenery.

Capt. Fritter