Oct 212013

As of this weekend, I have finally finished rebuilding and repairing the running rigging on the Spirit.  I replaced a couple of blocks, repaired a couple of others, acquired the last of the lines I will need, and now I can raise and control the sails…or I like to think that I could.  I don’t believe I forgot anything but I am sure I will find out about the time I need to make a sailing maneuver out on the cold, dark, heartless sea, and something fails.  But for now, the running rigging is all set.

Next up is the rudder.  I will need to pull it out, see if I can get the blade to move up and down, and then sand down said blade, patch up the delaminated fiberglass, and replace the tiller.  The rudder is quite heavy and I would not mind finding a lighter one, but for now it will have to do.  I’m hoping the glass on the blade is still repairable.  If not, it will be an expensive repair or replacement.

Finances, as usual, are once again, becoming an issue.  I gambled a bit this month and dropped over $400 on the boat.  Coupled with last month I have now spent over $500 and still have lots to do yet.  Once the rudder is done, the next two big steps will be the toilet and electrics.  An easy $500 once all is said and done.  Then I can constipate on getting the funds together to haul out and paint.  Problem is, I have the rent/food/and other expenses to deal with.

I did pick up a couple small website projects and hopefully they will be paid for by the end of the month.  If not, things will be getting a bit squirrelly with trying to cover the rent.  Long term I may have picked up a slightly different gig.  An existing client needs the services of a video editor and since he is unable to find anyone, he asked if I would be interested.  I have played around a bit with some video here on the Fritter so I am going to give it a shot.

He gave me a program to learn, Sony Vegas Pro, which while a bit advanced, is not hard to learn.  Given that I taught myself Xcode, one of the more difficult programs I have ever encountered, this one is pretty easy.  The difficulty?  It is only available on Windows 8.  So he lent me a HP laptop to use.

I had forgotten how big and heavy those non Apple laptops can be, and as for Windows 8?  EWWWWWWWW!  But, the program only works there so I have to lower my standards and get to video editing.  If this works out, eventually I will see if I can adapt the video files to work with an Apple based video editor like iMovie so it will be easier.  But for now, I can work with what I have.

The upside is that if this works out, I may have a more reliable income source for the future.  And I will have another skill set I can add to what I already do.  We’ll see how it all goes.

In the meantime, if I can get the rudder fixed, the Spirit will be able to actually sail.  I may be in a position where I will have to sail, if I can’t handle the rent, otherwise, it would be nice to just go out and catch a breeze and see how the little boat handles.

A step here and a step there.  The Spirit is coming around.

Capt. Fritter

  2 Responses to “Living Aboard: Another Step Forward…”

  1. You have been busy, that’s for sure!

    Oh and about that whole windows 8 – what a piece of crap!

    The computer I use for work has windows 8 and gives me nothing but problems. Took me forever to figure out how to find the darned start menu, not to mention figure out how to disable the app swipe function they implemented on the mouse pad.

    Worst design ever.

  2. Dave says Windows 8.1 is much better. He put Parallels on our Macs so we can run Windows aps on our Airs.