Nov 132013

As seems to be the norm, life lately has been hand-to-mouth.  And sometimes, the hand don’t reach the mouth.  Summer was pretty good with the app business and things looked to be moving in an upward direction.  Then September hit with no business, and most of October.  November ain’t setting records either.  Every week since Labor Day has been a struggle to cover the small amount of bills that I have, but somehow, I manage to squeeze yet another pile of money out of my nether regions, and move on to the next crisis.

It may sound stressful and un fun to be living on the edge of abject poverty and starvation every month, but when you have been living like this pretty much all your life, it’s just the way things are.  Not that I like it, it’s just that financial success, and finding wimmen who ain’t batshit crazy, are not my two strong points.  I deal with things as best as I can…with booze and a high powered rifle….just kidding.  I don’t drink anymore.

Anyways, as I am sitting here facing the latest financial issues, I am reminded of one thing.  While I may not be able to cover the bills or feed my fat ass, at least I ain’t in debt.  In the past, I have been in a similar situation, no money coming in, no way I can cover the bills, but with a difference.  At those times I had debt.  Loans, mortgages, vehicle loans, and the worst of all…credit card debt.  The routine was always the same:

Things would get tight.  I would have no money coming in.  So I would use the credit card to pay off the bills, under the mistaken assumption that in another month or two, things would get more better, I could pay off the credit card, and all would be right with the world.  The only problem was, the world never got right.  The credit card debt would pile up, and then I would be back to where I was when it all started, just with more debt.

This is one of the big reasons I don’t have a credit card now.  With things as tight as they are, I would be sorely tempted to just start using the card to pay for stuff.  Groceries, the internet bill, and any thing else that may come up.  I know I would do it because I lack the self discipline to not do it.

Just to show you how bad I was at one time, I would pay the bills with the credit card, then when the credit card bill came due, and I had no cash, I would take a cash withdrawal from the card, and make the minimum payment, just to buy me another month, again mistakenly thinking that things would get more better.  They never would.  Now, if things get worse, and I always assume they will, I may be living out of tent at the state park, but at least I still won’t have any debt, and no credit card to tempt me.

When I talk to relatives and friends, and tell them of my financial woes, it’s nothing they haven’t heard different from me in past years.  But the first thing out of their mouths is predictable, “Well, pack up and leave Key West and move to someplace affordable.”  I try to explain, while trying to not bite my tongue off, that Key West is not the problem.  I am living here as cheap if not cheaper, than anywhere else I have ever lived in my life.  Only here on this 2 x 4 rock, have I been able to adjust my lifestyle to suit the limited income that I bring in.  Life here is simple, easy, and most of life’s ills are reduced to the very basics.   Once you learn your way around, and are willing to give up a few things, you would be surprised how far you can stretch a dollar on this island.

I listen to those same people, who demand that I leave the island, complain about mortgages, taxes, traffic, vehicle issues, debt, and all the other problems brought on by trying to maintain an unaffordable lifestyle.  They are slaves to their jobs.   Any sense of adventure or going out side the norms of society have long been beaten out of them from years of indentured servitude as a worker bee.  Debt is a way of life for them.  The concept of selling it all, moving onto a sailboat, and living on an island is the stuff of fairy tales, not real life.  If only they knew.  I try to tell them, but they don’t hear.  All they hear is that I am in a financial bind again and if only I would listen to them, move away from that place, get a real job, and settle down, then they could tell me that they were right, and I was wrong.

Good look with THAT fairy tale.

So yeah, I’m broke as usual.  November is going to be a tough month to cover the few bills I have.  December ain’t look’ any better.  But I am sure that next year will be more better.

Capt. Fritter

Yup, sure of it.

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  1. dag nabbit capt.
    this here blog is as witty and entertaining as the cartoons in the new yorker.
    and they cost money to read. and you’re offering it all up for FREE!
    i wish you’d keep that donate button on this here blog.
    some people might like to leave a dollar or two.
    you know . . . to cover the important stuff like kitty litter.
    this time of year is slow all over. the holidays are a hard act to fight.
    so git that donate button back on here.
    santa might stop by. and since you have no chimney . . .

  2. I posted a link to your ebook purchase page on my FB page with a note about how much I loved it. I figure every little bit helps, right? Maybe you’ll get some business. Fingers crossed.