Nov 272013

$0.09.  9 pennies.  A nickel and 4 pennies.  1 cent shy of a dime.  That is my total electric and water bill from Oct. 15 thru Nov. 15.  The total.

This represents the first full month since I shut down the ac unit.  All I have now is a single cord running from the box on the dock to a power strip on the boat.  Therein I have plugged in 2 laptop computers, an iPhone, the battery pack for a drill, and sometimes my electric shaver.  Lights are battery LED or the warm glow of the computer screen.  All of that used 9 cents of electricity.

When my landlords told me how much the bill was, we laughed, and then I asked if they were going to make me mail a check in to pay for it.  They said no of course, who in their right mind would demand such nonsense.  Then I got to thinking.  HOA, large electric company, yeah, I can see what is coming.  No matter.  I ain’t spending 10 times that amount to mail 9 pennies.  If the landlords don’t cover the bill for some reason and they shut off the power, well, we will see what happens.

But look at that.  9 stinkin’ cents for power for a month.  That is amazing.  I knew that when the ac went off the bill would drop, but not by that much.  I expected at least a dollar or two.  But, this leaves me with a bit of a dilemma.

If I were to cut the cord right now, add in a battery and solar panel on the Spirit, it would cost me around $250.  At 9 cents a month, I would recover my investment and come out ahead around, let’s see here, divide by 12, carry the 1….ah….I would break even by April of 2264.  Sounds reasonable to me.

Well, I will enjoy the 9 penny month and hope that the next one is the same.  But I still want to cut the cord and generate my own power.  The $250 will be worth it, if I ever get $250 to spare.  It eliminates the need for the grid.  I use very little water, mainly for the cats, and cleaning, and that can be had easy too.

Still wondering how cheap it is to live on a sailboat?  Here is a good example of what is possible.

Capt. Fritter

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  1. kudos capt! that is amazing.