Jan 012014

A wacky end to a long and strange year money wise.  The good news, best month of the year.  Thanks to some handy gift cards and some restraint in spending, I was able to get under the magic $1000 mark.  Yeah, it was cheating a bit but still.  The bad news, no income.  I got shut out the last month of the year.  No new app projects, no websites, nuthin’.  Had it not been for the holiday gifts I would be floating out on the hook someplace awaiting the wrath of the FWC.  But for the moment, it’s all good.  Here are the numbers:



Rent was as usual.  I expect that sometime in 2014 I will be moving, whether I want to or not.  I doubt I will find anything as cheap as what I have been paying but that is something I will deal with later.

The consumables budget is where I cheated.  A gift card or two for Publix enabled me to spend way less cash on eatin’ and stuff.  It would have come in around $300 had I not used the cards but a gift is a gift and it was well spent.

As of this posting I had not received any electric bill.  I doubt it was much different from last month’s bill so it won’t have a big effect on the final numbers.

I have been trying to score a new iPhone with the Sprint One Up Plan.  It looks to be the best plan out there but so far they keep telling me I don’t qualify.  But not why I don’t.  If and when I do, it will only increase this bill slightly.

You all read the saga of the new bike/the wreck/selling the bike.  I’m healing up pretty good but I doubt I will be riding again.  Or if I do, it will be with a slow bike and no more at night.  At any rate, the minus reflects the money I got for selling the evil machine that tried to kill me, less some money I spent on bus fare.  I see a lot of walking in my future.

Laundry as usual, a renewal of a domain name, some socks, and some minor gifts round out the rest.

As for my goals, there it is at the bottom..$43.55 a day, well under the $50 a day goal.  Just under $16,000 for the year, right about where I budgeted things.  Had income improved there would have been no hardships over the year.  The spending restraints were pretty easy.

As for next year, well, I will revisit the budget and give some expectations for 2014 in another post later this week.  I have a lot of end of the year stuff to close out and get things going for next year.  But for now, there it is.  It is possible to live in Key West, somewhat comfortably, on less than $50 a day.

Capt. Fritter

  2 Responses to “The Minimalist Budget: December…”

  1. That is awesome Capt! Great job coming in $6.45 under the $50 goal!