Jan 052014

Corporate types love to run on schedules and dates.  First of the month, first of the year, time for more rules, regulations, changes, and bullshit.  So it comes as no surprise that the marina is starting the new year by trying to get rid of the live aboard scum by the back end.  Since the prick can’t actually throw anybody out he is using the HOA to make it unaffordable for many of us to stay here.

As stated before, he owns the bathhouse and there is an agreement that the residents can use the bathhouse which includes the laundry. All this was included in our rents.  The laundry is coin operated.  Now, he is convincing the HOA to charge $100 a month if you use the bathhouse more than X times per month.  10 being X.  Considering I use the bathrooms as many as 10 times a day sometimes, I can only assume this was directed at me personally.  (Not really but paranoia does kick in).

A $100 increase in rent is not something I can swing right now.  I have a hard enough time making rent at $600.

One way to get around this, other than moving is to go and get a toilet installed on the boat and possibly a shower of some sort.  But there is not a whole lot of room and the shower water has to go someplace other than over the side.  Although I don’t use soap or shampoo so that may help.  There is a laundry up the street so I can use that, probably cheaper.

I guarantee one thing, if this fee does go into effect, I’m going to be bitching every time the toilets ain’t clean, or the paper rolls are empty.  But I know it’s a losing battle.  I’m afraid it’s time to take some action.

You could argue that it’s only fair that those who use the bathhouse should pay, but it’s real hard to pony up another $100 for something that was free before.

So, I will begin the quest for another marina.  I have one in mind and it may well not be any cheaper, but I do know that live a boards are welcome and there won’t be any asshole trying to throw us out.  Failing that, it may be time to sell the boat and find something else.  A rv, an apartment up the islands, something else.  I’m tired of the stress, the walking on eggshells, the bullshit.

Capt. Fritter

  3 Responses to “Living Aboard: Let The Games Begin…”

  1. oh capt.
    of all the creepy things the creepy guy could do.
    and agreed.
    you don’t need the constant and ever on going stress. it kills. it really does. after while the body finally gets sick of it and makes us sick.
    in the meantime the way i’d get around it. the cats have a litter box. how about a human litter box!
    i’d stock up on a topflight kitty litter and get a bucket. use it like a kitty box.
    haul the dang pseudo kitty litter to the trash every so often just like you do the kitty litter box.
    and be looking fast for a more better marina!!!

  2. Unbelievable! Some people are just money hungry no matter what problems they push onto others. $100 a month to use the bathhouse is insane! I find it incredible that this guy has nothing better to do than sit around and figure out incredibly ridiculous ways to steal money from struggling individuals just trying to live their lives.

    • When the bath house cards were issued at $50 per I joked it was per use. Guess I was right.
      C. F.