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First off, the Spirit survived the “polar vortex” without any issues last night. And somebody needs to slap the shit out of the marketing idiot who coined that phrase. Just another buzz word for a common winter storm. But, the media always has to over hype these sorts of things because they can’t simply report the news. They have to make a show of it. (Although Polar Vortex would make a great name for a heavy metal band.) Yes, it’s damn cold. It’s been damn cold before. As a matter of fact, every December through March gets damn cold. It’s called winter. Stop naming winter storms, coining new buzz words, and screaming that it’s the end of the world. Go ask any veteran of the Battle of the Bulge what cold is. They will give you a lesson in cold. We gots heated homes, heated cars, modern clothing, and rum. Quit complaining, quit turning the weather into a reality show, and just give accurate forecasts.
Down here it’s cool, but not horribly cold. Mid 50’s and windy. If you ain’t used to it, it feels a lot colder, and I ain’t used to it. About 4:00 this morning I turned on the little space heater in the cabin and it warmed right up quite nicely. By tomorrow, a “solar vortex” will be heading for the Keys and all will be right with world. See how easy that was?
Now on to other matters. Namely petty tyrants and marina bath house fees.
This whole “excessive bath house usage fee” is causing a lot of ill will here at the marina of lost dreams. If you missed it, the HOA has proposed charging us residents, owners as well as renters an extra $100 per month if we use the bathhouse a lot. A lot being more than 10 times a month. This includes, toilet use, showers, and laundry.
For years the bath house, which is owned by the marina was allowed to be used by the boat owners and tenants on the slips. Not sure how it all was written up in the documents, but it was ours to use. It was understood that our rents/condo fees, whatever covered any costs. Apparently that ain’t good enough for the new lord and master.
The new regime who now owns the bath house has already threatened to shut it down. He has promised to build a new one but that is easily 3 years in the future. The complaint now is that the bath house costs money to run. Electricity, water, maintenance. Well, those costs have always been there. But suddenly, it has become an issue.
The HOA, and in particular, one officer on that den of thieves is promoting the new fee. It doesn’t take a Mensa candidate to see who is pulling his strings from behind the curtains. This particular individual is a sneaky and conniving little shit whom has only his own interests in mind. He sees his lord and master as a possible in to gain power and favors so his lips are firmly planted between the ass cheeks of he who shall not be named. He figgers he can do his master’s bidding and in the end gain some sort of special place at the side of the throne. In reality, HWSNBN will use him for as long as he can, and squash him like a rotted grape in the end.
Anyway, this individual is the one pushing for this new fee. He doesn’t even use the bath house so he would be unaffected by said fee. From what I have been hearing, the vote may not go in his favor. Not too many people are particular enthralled with paying more for something that is a basic need, and was free before.
You may well say, “But it is fair that those who use the bath house the most should pay”. And that argument does stand. But more than 10 times in a month? So everyone showers once every 3 days? Laundry once or twice a month. Sorry, not buying it.
And as for costs, keep in mind that when our new tyrant bought this place, he immediately closed down virtually all other income streams on the property. The ramp, the bait house, and the rentals for the businesses. Now he is bitching about a few dollars to heat water and clean toilets? Nope, not buying that either.
Here is the bottom line. This fee is being imposed to drive out more of the undesirables, like me. It’s a ploy to make this place unaffordable to the lower class. His royal highness cannot evict us. So he will use underhanded tricks like this to force us out. He will pressure the HOA to do his bidding and make vague promises of riches and power in the future, which he will never deliver on. If this fee fails in the vote, there will be other back up plans that he has to make this place more unlivable for the live aboard.
That is how the rich subjugate the poor. We can fight it for a little while, but we are only delaying the inevitable. Eventually, we will all be gone from here. And he will have his little rich man’s paradise.
So, what am I going to do?
I took the first steps on Monday. I went to the other marina that I have been scouting and talked to the management. They don’t have any slips right this minute, due to the snowbirds down from up north, but I am first on the list for the next available one. It could happen as soon as Feb. but March or even April will also work.
The cost will be go up slightly but still be affordable. The marina just recently changed owners and remains live aboard friendly. It has some real advantages over my current place, and some minor disadvantages. More on all that if and when I move there. But for now, it will be my best option.
I now will need to finish up as much on the Spirit as I possibly can. A toilet with pump out fitting will now take priority. I’m going to need it no matter what. Some minor cosmetics are in order, and a battery will be next. Hull and bottom paint will have to wait unless I get some unusually good income.
Make no mistake about this, I want out of here just as badly as they want me out. I will be glad to oblige them. But I will be damned if I pay one red cent of excessive bath house fee. I intend to make 2014 a good year, and no petty tyrant nor greedy lackey is going to stand in my way.
Capt. Fritter

  2 Responses to “Living Aboard: Petty Tyrants & Greedy Lackeys”

  1. Yes, we have winter every year. But Minneapolis closed its public schools for the first time in 17 years. We are having a little more winter than we usually do. This one can actually be dangerous. Warnings here are appropriate. Not so much where you are. 🙂

  2. so glad you moved fast on finding a more better marina. you’re right.
    just as in leslie’s sad case. they win in the end. it’s … as you always say … about the money.