Jan 122014

I finally able to put that little West Marine gift card to some good use this past week and got a lot of goodies for the boat.  First and foremost, I got a new porta potty.  It’s larger than the one that came with the boat and can be adapted for pump out, which is what I am doing now.  I also picked up the deck fitting, hardware, and with what I had left, a fire extinguisher, and a boat hook.  As of now the boat has all the legal requirements and gear to be on the water, at least during the daytime.
The boat hook is exactly what it sounds like, a telescopic pole with a hook on the end. It comes in handy for grabbing dock lines, fetching something out of the water, or pushing your ex away so she don’t foul the prop as you make your escape.
 Still need a battery to see if the navigation, running, and navigation lights are working.  All in good time.  The porta potty was the important part.
I still need to pick up some hose and the adapter for the pump out is on order, but I can go ahead and install the pump out deck fitting and get that ready.   It’s not a big job but trust me, there is nothing scarier than drilling holes in your boat.  I had to pick up some drill bits as well but it should fit in just fine.  If you are wondering what it takes to install a MSD compliant porta potty on a small boat such as I have, it’s pretty simple but here are the ingredients based on West Marine:

Cruiser 976 Portable/Permanent Toilet

MSD Conversion Fitting for 970 Series

Waste Deck Plate for Hose (the West Marine version is half the price as this one)

Three screws, washers, nuts for the fitting.

1 ½” hose cut to length.

⅝” hose cut to length for the vent valve.

Clamps for the hoses.

5200 sealant  

This will give you a working toilet on your boat with a 5 gallon waste tank.  It meets the standards of most marinas and mooring fields.  For pump outs sign up here:

Pumpout Florida Keys  Free in unincorporated areas of the Keys.

With the toilet issue out of the way, and the battery on hold until I get some more funds, the next project will be to get the rudder fixed.  I will need to pull that heavy son of bitch out, sand down and re glass the blade, and re rig the the pulley so I can raise and lower it.  I would love to find a standard stay down one piece rudder off a Catalina 22 or something similar but for now I am stuck with this one.

I also need to slightly adjust the mast stays and retune them so the mast will stay upright and straight.  A good thing to have when the boat is sailing.

Speaking of which, I will need to raise up the sails and see what condition they are in.

And I would like to resand the few pieces of wood trim and get that ugly white paint off them.  Then re stain them with some teak oil and dress the boat up a bit.

Save for the battery, none of this other stuff will cost much money, just some work on my part.  I figger on getting a call for the new slip sometime soon so might as well get as much done as I can before hand.

Down the road, haul out and paint the hull.  When the money is right.  No hurry on that either.  The boat is getting there now.  A bit here, a bit there.  And the occasion bonus.  I picked up a nearly new captain’s chair for the cockpit.  It’s almost like a full size easy chair with arm rests.  A nice comfy place to sit when running the boat.  The only thing wrong was the rachet for the back was broken.  It was going to be thrown out, but it was offered to me for nothing, so I took it.  Little things like that make it a bit easier.

I would still very much like to take the Spirit out and see how it sails, after all, it is a sailboat.  And it would be a good time to test run the engine.  Whether that happens or not remains to be seen but it is doable.  Once I get moved into the other marina, it will be a longer run to open water where I can sail, so while I am here, and close to the ocean, it would be a good time to go.  Unless the marina starts charging for using the wind.  It could happen.

Capt. Fritter

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  1. wow!
    talk about yar.
    or soon to be.
    nice work.
    i hope we get to see after pictures.

  2. well….
    i mean of the teak. not necessarily the porta potty. but they can be very handsome too i hear.