Jan 262014

First, some minor bit of good news. I finally have a fully functional, and legal toilet on the boat. I got it installed yesterday and it looks like it will do the trick. I haven’t “christened” it yet, but in due time. You always want that first time to be special of course. I’m curious to see how long it will take to fill up the 5 gallon tank. The free pump out people come by this marina once a week. If I do make it to the other marina, their pump out comes ever 2 weeks. It should be ok though. We’ll see soon enough.
Speaking of toilets, it looks like the HOA is going ahead with plans to charge us an extra $100 a month for using the bathhouse more than 10 times. They are using the money to help pay for a plot of land that they will buy from he who shall not be named, so they can build their own bathhouse and he won’t have to worry about it. Yeah, I know, they actually believe this. The reality is the lord and master will eventually own everything in this marina, and the HOA will wind up getting screwed royally in the end. All they are doing is building a bathhouse with their own money, which will eventually be taken from them. Serves them right. He sweet talked them into selling the live aboards out with plenty of false promises. They will regret it soon enough.
For me, it just fortifies my desire to get out of here as soon as possible. This bathhouse fee is just the start. More fees, more assessments, more bullshit is coming. I know, because I was told so by the marina manager.
I happened to catchup to said manager the day after the big HOA meeting, and asked him if there was anything new. Firstly, he reiterated that he has nothing to do with the HOA and was just there on behalf of the marina. Cover your own ass is rule one around here.
He confirmed the bathhouse fee and then he did something that just pissed the hell out of me. In a lowered tone of voice, almost hushed, in a very condescending way, much like an elder uncle or parent talks to a youngster, he said:
“And there will be other changes coming.”
Then he walked away, to the sound of thunder and threatening music in the background. No hints, no information, just that whole, “You’ll find out soon enough” crap.
Considering I have at least 25 years on this little dweeb, I didn’t appreciate begin talked down to like that. But what really pissed me off was the fact that a statement like that shows absolutely no regard for the people living in this marina.
This is our home. For some, they have a substantial monetary investment in it. For others like me, it’s a thin thread that enables us to live affordably in Key West. We are all just trying to make a living and enjoy our lives. To be so callous as to withhold information that will affect whether we can continue to live here or not is about as insensitive as it gets.
We have a right to know what the hell is going on. (I pretty much already have guessed). If things are going to change, and affect our lives, we need to know now. That sort of information is not something to be held back like the plot of tv series. “Tune in next week to see what new hell is unleashed upon the residents.”
I shouldn’t be surprised. We are just nasty ole’ live aboards. Not fit to live on the island of the rich and influential. We should be thankful that we have been allowed to exist here at all for as long as we have.
I’m fed up and it’s all going to come to head real soon. End of the month is coming fast and there is a faint chance I can get out of here. If not, I will try to leave at the end of Feb., whether I have another slip or not. The mooring field is still there and you never know what else may happen. I still have some other minor things to take care of on the boat, and now that the weather has returned to normal, and I’m finally over this damn cold, I can get things done. I will be so happy to get out of this place.
Capt. Fritter

  One Response to “Living Aboard: Getting A Head…”

  1. that’s exactly the kind of thing that was done to leslie and her live aboard neighbors at pete’s harbor.
    it dragged on and on. with them not knowing ever fully what would happen to them completely.
    people began pulling out. others stayed dealing with the daily horrible stress of it all. BIG SECRETS.
    changing out a place to live on a boat is not like simple apartment or house hunting. they surely know that. and yet they play the game. they hold all the marbles. or is it cards?
    at least you have a new marina in mind. i hope it works out there for you capt.
    the mooring field sounds like only a good last resort at best.