Feb 022014

As of Feb. 1st., if you use the bath house here at the marina of despair more than 10 times in a month, you pay an extra $125.  If you “register” the fee drops to $100.  Difficulty:  Nobody knows what the hell they mean by “register” nor were any instructions provided to do so.

This is a real low blow by some pretty classless people.  The single page, and very terse newsletter had only a paragraph or two regarding the new fee.  The rest was the usual HOA business and the resignation of the president who has sold his condo and left the marina.  At the bottom of the letter he wrote, “Don’t Call Me.”  Nixon resigned with more class than this idiot.

Speaking of which, the new idiot in charge is the very brown nosing ass kisser who supported this whole bathhouse fee.  He has had his lips firmly planted between the cheeks of he who shall not be named ever since this marina changed hands.  No doubt he was promised many special things in exchange for doing what he can to rid the marina of those nasty ole’ live aboards.  He is in for a rude awakening when his usefulness has passed.

So now, I have to make some more goddam decisions.  Seems like ever since the marina was bought out I have important decisions to make regarding how to live here.  And it’s getting right damn tiring.  I can’t afford another $125 a month for rent.  And even if I could, I don’t want to pay for that which was included before.  I’m considering turning my bath house card in next week.  If I do, I will be solely dependent on my new toilet, which looks like it will fit the needs of my over active bladder.  Laundry is easy, there is a laundromat up the street not too far.  It’s not in the best part of the island but it will work.  Just means another walk.  But the biggie is the showers.  I don’t have any shower on the boat.  I could get one of those solar showers and get by with that.  I don’t use soap nor shampoo so it will just be water in the bilge or over the side.  No pollution there.  I can make it work with out using their holy shrine.  The upside is this should only last about a month.

I fully expect to move out at the end of February.  In fact, I am leaning towards that no matter if I have another slip or not.  The mooring field, maybe a night or two in Garrison Bight at the transient docks for $50 a night.  Anything to get out of this bullshit.  I’m fed up with the games, the politics, and the scum who run this place.

So, I am continuing to finish up this and that on the boat.  Over the weekend I pulled the rudder out and as soon as I get some cash back in the bank this week, I can redo the blade, add the new tiller, and it will be set to go.  I need to put the sails up and inspect them.  And someplace, somehow, somewhere, I need to get a battery and maybe a solar panel.  All stuff I can’t afford.

I once thought that living on a boat would be relaxing.  I thought it would be simple living with little cares other than taking care of the boat.  But ever since I moved into this marina it’s been one crisis after another.  Every month brings another damn thing to fight over.  It’s really starting to wear on me.  I kick around selling the boat, moving back up the islands, anything to get away from this whole mess. I’ll wait and see how it goes this spring.  But things really need to change for the more better.

Capt. Fritter

  4 Responses to “Living Aboard: The Bathhouse Is No Longer Free…”

  1. Very irritating situation! Hope you can move on soon.

  2. Was over your way this last week and really needed to GO, but I didn’t have an extra $10 and I didn’t want to put you over your monthly pee allowance! Let me know if there is anything I can do to help out!

  3. Steve, that really sucks! Sorry to hear. Hang in there and get to a new marina. Don’t need that stress and BS.