Feb 182014

One thing the marina of lost dreams has had all these many a long year was some free internet. The signal was based out of the old bait store and it was reliable and, free. That is until last Tuesday.

I have been relying on said internet connection for way too long as my main source to stay online. I cannot afford a hotspot at the moment, and the wifi connection on the iPhone took a shit last Spring. The cell connection works ok on the iPhone but it is limited to the handset only. So, as I said, up until last Tuesday I’ve been using the marina connection.

On said Tuesday of last week the connection ceased to function. It’s happened before but rarely has it been down more than a day or two. As of this post, it’s been 6 days.

I asked the marina manager and he confirmed that the office signal, apparently the same one as the free signal, has also been down. He was unable to find out why and has made numerous calls to Comcast to find out which is not the most reassuring thing you want to hear. Comcast is ranked as one of the worst companies ever and don’t it make you feel all tingly inside to know they may be buying out their largest competitor.

Anyways, the internet is down. And while it is tempting to think that the marina may be retooling the set up and getting rid of the free wifi, I’m going to give them the benefit of the doubt and guess that Comcast is the evil villain here.

Nonetheless, it leaves me on the horns of an enema. I sorta kinda need a reliable and steady internet connection to like DO MY FUCKING WORK. I have been able to run over to the Mermaid Hunter studios for a few minutes but that’s also on the other side if the island. I can do some work on the iPhone using the handy WordPress app, as I am doing with this post, but I really need to get my own connection again.

I really shouldn’t complain about this. After all, the marina connection was free. But then again, the bath house was free too, wasn’t it.

Capt. Fritter

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  1. I live in an area with a small, locally based cable/internet provider. People complain all the time about minor things like cost or a rare billing error from 10 years ago, but they seem to overlook the benefit of people answering the phone right away, same day service calls, and free phone tech support – even of the problem is not theirs, they help you fix it and do not charge. I hear neighbors talking about wishing Verizon or Comcast etc would come to this area. They have to idea of the Hell they are wishing for. Good luck, Capt.