Feb 272014

I know some of you have been wondering why I have been posting all the pictures and news of Nikki du Plessis here on the Fritter.  While the male followers are surely enjoying the eye candy, some of you female wimmen types may be annoyed that I seem to have strayed off the minimalist path and am now just some creepy old guy with an abnormal hot blond fetish.

Well, yeah.  I mean look:


I may be old and decrepit but I ain’t dead you know.  Besides, I wouldn’t know what the hell to do with a girlfriend who looked this good anyhows.  All I would be doing is disappointing a better class of wimmen.  Something I am real good at.

Anyways, now that Nikki has left our fair island and returned to South Africa, I thought I would offer some ‘splainin’ to everyone about what was going on and what it has been like hangin’ with an up and coming supermodel.

I first met Nikki last summer when she was in town to shoot scenes for an independent film project by The Mermaid Hunter, called, The Sea Siren.  While I didn’t spend very much time with her then, I did spend a lot of time editing some of the outtakes and background footage from said movie.  When she came back in February, I got to spend more time with her and her fiancé, Jaco and helped with some more movie production.  In addition, they needed, and I offered, some serious IT work on Nikki’s website and other tech things. It has blossomed into a bit of a business relationship and I feel that I made a couple of friends in the process. While we did discuss business, we also got to know each other and talked about many a thing.

Nikki and Jaco are both from South Africa and English is their second language, Afrikaan being their first.  They speak very fluent English with a slight British and Dutch accent, and in Nikki’s case, a bit of southern drawl.  That drawl made some of her voice over work unusable in the film so we had to go to other alternatives.

They absolutely love Key West and talk extensively of retiring here.  Nikki is a fan of the Fritter and follows the blog.  She is fascinated by my minimalist lifestyle and the fact that everything I own fits in a backpack.  She came by one day and saw the Spirit and even got to pet KC, who was not impressed, just jealous.  They, on the other hand, travel with enough luggage to fill a cargo hold of an airplane.  When they were packing to leave I offered Nikki to help her take the 100 thing challenge but she said no.  Guess it don’t work for supermodels.

Remember, Nikki is from South Africa, so a few things about the U.S. are new and strange to her.  For example, you should have been at the dinner table the night I tried to explain what Groundhog Day is.  She had a hard time wrapping her head around that one.  Especially the part where if Jesus sees his shadow there will be 6 more weeks of basketball playoffs.

Our eating habits differ a bit from those in S.A.  From what I can deduce, our chicken is a lot meatier than theirs.  The beef is a bit more tender.  And they loved going to Publix.  A lot more variety.  She loves her Coca Cola and was mildly happy when I introduced her to Mexican Coke.

Some things she would not eat.  She would not touch oysters or clams, and was horrified that I actually ate raw potatoes.  I tried repeatedly to get her to munch down on one, but she steadfastly refused.

At the dinner table, the way she handles a knife and fork suggest that she has had some training in table etiquette.  While Ed (MermaidHunter) and I chow down like a couple of hogs at a feeding trough, she would daintily cut and fork her meal with precision.  I tried to get her to eat some chicken wings with her fingers but she preferred her own way.

On the other hand, she does have a bad habit or two.  She smokes way too much but has promised to quit before her next visit later this year.  Ed and I are skeptical.

When she is tired after a long day of filming take after take, she can go into what Ed refers to as her, “Diva Mode”.  She gets a bit demanding but comes back to earth quickly with a little teasing from the crew.  She can take a joke and gives as good as she gets.

Nikki trains hard to maintain her looks and physique.  She has a work out regimen and does watch her diet.  While filming the Sea Siren she trained to hold her breath and free dive down to 30 feet for up to 3 minutes.  She is very comfortable in the water and interacting with all the little critters but on land, she will scream in terror if she sees a spider.  Very confusing.

Being young and full of energy Nikki wants to cut loose at times and just go have fun.  When we went out for a jet ski tour she was all over the water just having a big time.

Her and Jaco made a couple of trips to Duval and while I won’t get into details, there were some bars danced on, and some underwear went missing.

And speaking of which, Jaco, her fiancé, keeps Nikki grounded, at least as well as he can.  He is a slight bit older and handles a lot of her background stuff, travel arrangements, setting up shoots, that sort of thing.  But they are also in love and make a fine couple.  Jaco has some side businesses and both of them ride motorcycles back in South Africa.  He is very mild mannered and has the type of personality that would fit in perfectly with the laid back Key West lifestyle.  Maintaining a relationship of this sort will be a challenge as Nikki’s career continues to grow but I think they got what it takes to make it, and they will.

So, at this juncture, Nikki’s star is rising fast.  She has done one issue of Playboy and just did another shoot while here on this trip.  When she returns home she will begin acting classes.  As her name and face get out there, more opportunities will come her way.  She is still not comfortable with being called a celebrity.  But I told her, and Jaco agreed, that is exactly how she needs to think of herself now.  There is going to be more exposure.  Magazine spreads and covers, film roles, fashion shoots.  Her private life is going to take a hit.  She won’t be able to just go out in public in some places without an escort.  Her portfolio has a lot of artistic nudity but she hasn’t and won’t cross the line and do porn.  Not that kind of modeling.  Look for her someday in the not too distant future, smiling at you seductively from the magazine racks at your local grocerteria.

As for me, I will continue to help Nikki and Jaco in the background.  Yes, I have a financial interest in all of this which is why you will hear more on the subject down the road.  It’s all part of the Fritter, living minimally in Key West, on a sailboat, hangin’ with supermodels.


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  1. So you’re a creepy old minimalist. Nothing new about that. 🙂

  2. And here I was thinking you had found yourself a hot chick!