Mar 042014

More and more, it is becoming rare that I leave the marina of lost hopes, without my trusty backpack.  The damn thing has become a part of me now, every bit a necessity as shoes or pants.  I just simply do not go anywheres without it. I don’t necessarily carry a lot around with me but it’s just become a habit to strap it on when I go anywhere.

My current pack is an Ascend 3000 which I purchased last spring from Bass Pro. It is plenty roomy enough and comfortable to carry but the top seams ripped within the first couple months of use. I sewed them together a couple times but it ain’t gonna last too much longer I’m afraid.

I would love to go to a smaller pack but the room in this one is proving useful for grocery shopping.

In the event I was to move off the boat I should have no problems stuffing everything I owned that ain’t cat related into the pack. That may not seem like a big deal but to be able to carry all that I own on my back, and be comfortable with those few possessions is the ultimate goal if minimalism that I have been striving to achieve over these many years.

Cats aside, it means I would have the ability to up and go anywhere at my choosing and convenience. No worries about packing to move, no concerns about what to keep or throw away, and no stress about needing enough storage for it all.

A few pieces of clothing, the laptop and iphone, a towel of course, and that’s it. Cosmetics like toothbrush, shaver, etc. , dinner ware, things of that nature, can all be replaced as needed, usually at the dollar store.

Minimally speaking, I’m about there. Right where I want to be. Carrying only the essentials on my back, virtually no responsibility to maintain stuff, and the ability to travel without worrying about what is left behind.

It’s been a long, hard, and expensive journey to get here, but now that I’m here, it has been well worth it.

Capt. Fritter

  10 Responses to “The Backpack, Don’t Leave Home Without It…”

  1. I truly admire your minimalism. Only an extremely motivated and disciplined person could voluntarily reduce their possessions to your extreme.

    I would need a cargo van to move all of my belongings in one trip. Not bad… but still more stuff than I want or need.

    I’d like the option of being able to grab a backpack and move on at a moments notice. For now, I get pleasure from having a shoulder bag packed with just the things that I truly need.

  2. it crosses my mind that i need to pack a backpack like yours.
    with just and only exactly what i would need to survive if this apartment blows away.
    it’s approaching tornado season again here.
    and every year you see people standing there among the ruins with just what they’re wearing.
    NEVER meaning to belittle the trauma of a tornado. but if you’re left alive… that’s the important thing.
    i’m the only one that thinks they’re lucky in a weird way and just don’t know it. we minimalists tend to think outside that box of stuff. and it truly is just stuff. lives are something else indeed.
    but… watching that year after year … and then seeing them go to the places that provide clothes etc…

    i still don’t have that little pack that i could grab and survive just fine with.
    i do have all my important papers… what few there are of those… all together in that little case.
    i grabbed that last year when i had to evacuate. but i only left with a pair of flip flops and shorts and top on. to my name! pretty dumb really.
    so you have inspired me to pack the backpack. doubt i’ll ever reach that minimalist minimum. but you never know. could come pretty close if i had to!
    thanks capt!

    • What you are referring to is called a “bug out bag”. Highly recommended for anyone living in a disaster prone area. It contains the absolute essentials that you would want to take in case you had to skedaddle from something. Or someone.
      C. F.

  3. I’m impressed. As I begin to downsize, I’m wondering how I will ever get my stuff into a small house or apartment. I have a long way to go!

  4. I just realized my bugout bag has no clothes. It has all my important papers and three days worth of medicine and copies of my prescriptions and a bunch of other stuff but no clothes. That could make life interesting. It ought to have at least a change of underwear, right? In case I get scared enough to need clean ones?

  5. I admire that you have achieved the level of minimalism that you have. I am still working on my own journey to get to my own happy level.

    You said you would love to go to a smaller backpack, but groceries are the main reason you can’t do that. Have you considered buying one of those re-usable shopping bags like the ChicoBag polyester stuff reusable shopping bag. I saw them at, under the spa and travel bag tab. They fold small when not in use and hold 20 lbs. and might help you get to that smaller backpack if you could carry your groceries in one with no problems. You could probably find something like them in your area, just an idea for you.

    • Publix has the reusable bags but that would mean adding one more thing. A smaller pack will come in due time.
      C. F.

  6. And here I thought I was doing good cuz I just got rid of my bedroom set without shedding a tear. I have a long way to go to get to your frame-of-mind, but how exciting to slowly drop all the extra baggage!

    Found your blog by searching living aboard. Which I am soon to be.


  7. Everything in a backpack…a minimalist’s dream. 🙂