Mar 062014

Along Crack St. from Whore Ave. to Bum Alley are signs posted stating that there is to be no parking on the 1st. Thursday so that the street cleaning machine can roll through and stir up the dust. To enforce said law, a convoy of tow trucks with an armed deputy escort, complete with sirens and flashing lights comes through ahead of the sweeper and steals any vehicle that happens to still be parked there. A rather heavy handed show of force over a fairly minor and useless endeavor. But there is a profit motive here. Towing fees. Impound fees. Fines. Court costs.

I’ll stick to walking.

Capt. Fritter

  One Response to “Another Reason Not To Own A Vehicle…”

  1. Similar to when Mpls or St Paul declares a snow emergency for plowing.
    Bands of roving tow trucks go to work towing cars still parked on the wrong side of the streets.
    If your car gets towed in St Paul, it will cost you $56.00 for the ticket, and an additional $220.00 to get your car out of the impound lot. Add on an additional $15.00 for each day the car sits.
    This effects lower income people more so than those with money, since those with money live in areas with off street parking.