Mar 062014

HWSNBN has gotten the blessings of the county for his site plans. The condos, the restaurant, the pools, the fire pits are a go. Don’t know how long until construction begins but there were men wearing tucked in shirts and carrying clipboards roaming about the docks this week. Never a good sign.

The free internet that we had here at the marina of lost souls remains down for over a month now. There is a full signal but no connection. I’ve asked the marina manager a couple of times about it and he:

Was unsure what the problem was but would call Comcast.

Then he told me it was working. It was not.

And now he refuses to even answer me, rather just a grumble and a nod.

Not sure what his problem is but his condescending attitude is wearing thin. Every question asked of him turns into some kind of game show where you have to try and guess the answer. I’m over it.

The bath house fee remains a big issue. As far as I know, nobody has paid it yet. People using the bath house have been leaving the doors open. In fact the HOA put up a sign asking that the laundry room doors stay shut due to, “laundry thefts”. Very juvenile on their part.

The men’s door to the shower room was broken so it won’t close all the way. As you might guess, I take advantage every chance I get, only swiping my card for laundry.

I have no doubts that the HOA is scanning the security cams and some new edict will be handed down to the masses threatening the most dire punishments for those who dare to defy the HOA’s omnipotent power.

Yeah, fuck ’em.

It was mighty close this month. A late paycheck that came up short almost forced my hand and I thought I would be heading for the mooring field. But it all worked out. As for April, still up on the air. Got a big tax bill I need to take care of. It’s going to be very tight.

I would not hesitate right now to sell the boat if I could find someplace on land. But pickin’s is slim. Selling the boat would eliminate a lot of stress and give a much needed infusion of cash. I’m looking everywhere from Key West to Marathon but no luck. I just want to be able to sit back and relax for awhile and not have to worry about marinas, boats, or anything else. Guess the strain of the last 9 months is getting to me. It’ll work out eventually, I know it will. Just not soon enough.

Yesterday, I went over to the Mermaid Hunter studios to do some work and take advantage of his internet. At one point I found myself working three different programs on three different computers, plus using my iPhone. Felt like I was in one of those Matrix movies.

On a different note: on this day in 1978 I made my move from the frozen north to Florida. After a major blow out with my parents, I turned the jeep (there always seems to be a jeep involved) south on I-95 and cruised into Daytona Beach. That was 34 years ago. Had good times, bad times, never had any money, cared less as I got older, and never once regretted moving to Florida. For all it’s bugs and warts the damn state just seemed to agree with me. No matter where I end up, be it Hawaii, or some other island, Florida will always be home.

Capt. Fritter