Mar 252014

Every once in a while, like when I’m waiting on the bus at a stop with a group of urban outdoorsman, or I need to get more than I can carry, or I’m in a hurry, I think wistfully back upon the days when I had my beloved jeep. Most of the time all I need to do is look at a gas station and that wistful feeling vanishes. Other times, it takes something else, like the other day.

An acquaintance of mine here on Stock Island has one of those little scooters that permeate the island. It’s a 2000 POS 50 cc something or other. He lost his license so he can’t drive it anymore, therefore he decided to sell it. He offered it to me at $500 which considering the condition is not a bad price. I said no, but he then asked if I would run it around the island a couple of times to charge the battery. So I did. And I was reminded as to why I don’t drive anymore.

The speed limit on the back streets of Stock Island is 25 mph. I think. Judging from the other traffic, 25 is a suggestion, not a law.

4 way stop signs are designed to confuse. Anytime more than one vehicle approaches one, it’s anybody’s guess as too whom has the right of way. Perhaps everyone should get out of their vehicles and play a round of rock/paper/scissors to see who goes first.

Turn signals? Optional.

It’s been 3 years since I last owned a car but apparently a new law has been passed where if you happen to be driving down the street and see somebody you know or spy something shiny, it’s okay to stop in the middle of the road to talk to said person or gaze at the shiny object. Even if there is traffic behind you.

From what I can tell it is now mandatory to be looking directly at your smartphone when driving. Is that correct? That many people can’t be wrong. Can they?

And finally, you can make a u turn anywhere at anytime, no matter what the traffic situation nor how much room you have.

Things certainly have changed since I last drove. I brought the scooter back and walked home. No thank you.

Capt. Fritter

  3 Responses to “Nope. Still Don’t Wanna Vehicle…”

  1. wow.
    sounds a little like you’re describing rome.
    everybody drives wherever they want how fast they want merging when they want turning when they want.

  2. Nice to be reminded sometimes why we made the decisions we did.

  3. I’m soooo looking forward to the day when I have no need for a car!!