Mar 272014

It’s getting close, very close, and things are moving quite smoothly, too smoothly.

I plunked down the first months rent at the new place and I can move in sometime over the weekend. I’m shooting for Saturday as that is looking the best for winds and tides.

I have only some minor things to get ready. Pull the rudder as I still have no tiller. I can steer by the motor, I hope.

Test run the motor some more. That’s my biggest fear, getting out there and the motor quits. It’s only a 2 mile run but you never know. The motor is designed for fresh water. All I need is for it to get me there. Later on I will probably sell it and get something else. For now it has one single purpose, get me out of here and over there.

On Friday I will take down the mast. I have to so I can fit under Cow Key bridge which only has 9 feet of clearance. A neighbor is loaning me a mast crutch which is a pole with a fork at the top. When I bring down the mast it will rest in the fork and be easier to handle. Then that’s it. I’m off.

The new slip is going to be nice. It’s at the end of a short dock so I only have neighbors on one side and in front of me. There will be virtually no foot traffic. I checked out the showers and laundry and they look good. Clean and well maintained. Everyone has been friendly so far and I don’t get that, “Who the hell are you?” vibe like I had at the old place.

I’m hoping that this new marina turns out ok and it restores my desire to live on a boat. Money wise it will be slightly more expensive but it looks to be worth it. But if it becomes another marina of lost dreams then I’m afraid that will be it for me and boat living. The past year here with all the bovine fecal matter that went down really put my mindset about boat living at an all time low. It’s not the boat itself nor the upkeep. It’s all the stress and politics and other crap that keeps going on. I’m tired of fighting with the staff, every month brings some new edict or fee from the HOA, and no doubt HWSNBN is plotting more ways to make life miserable for those of us who just want to live on the water and be left the hell alone. The idea of living on a sailboat in the Keys has been with me for a long time and to have some rich bastard and his ass kissing lackeys damn near ruin it all just ain’t cutting it.

No matter. I’m still cautiously optimistic that the new marina is going to be a nice refresh and I’ll be looking forward to more better boat living. But then again, as I said earlier, this is the last shot. If this place don’t work out I go back to land living. The fight just ain’t in me anymore.

So for now, I will be getting ready for Saturday. When I get settled into the new place I’ll be back to post about the great adventure, and add a few parting shots to the old marina. See you then.

Capt. Fritter

  5 Responses to “Living Aboard: Feeling More Better Optimistic…”

  1. Good luck with your move and the new slip!

  2. Good luck, Capt. Be sure to accidentally leave your pass to the current crapper-house on a city bus once you’re on the move. You could even leave it in an envelope marked free showers until 4/1, just to see how many of your urban outdoorsmen can show up at the old place in one weekend.

    • Tempting but the damn thing is in my name. I refuse to go back to the office as it will result in a fight so I will turn the card in to the landlord.
      C. F.

  3. I’m so glad this option opened up for you. Looking forward to learning about your new place.

  4. i’m so happy for you capt!
    you sure stuck it out longer there than i ever would have.
    things will be more better now. i just feel it! good luck.